The Upper Gaula Extension Beat

The upper part of the Upper Gaula Extension Beat

From 2006 onwards the NFC had a new lease in the upper part of the Gaula, but the last 5 years have shown that there was only very little demand among NFC guests for this beat. It looks like our guests were rarely making the effort to drive the long way up to this challenging area with its steep mountains and difficult banks. It was necessary to take a boat to get to the most attractive places and it looks like our guests prefer the easy access and high productivity of our beats in the middle and lower reaches of the Gaula. But we do not want to miss the charm of the area and decided to keep the option open to fish the upper river.

Since 2008 we have a shorter, very charming and productive beat which is easy accessible on the Upper Gaula. We have decided that we continue to offer fishing on this beat for two rods in the future, just to have an alternative beat in the upper reaches of the Gaula, which might be integrated into our rotation system. This Upper Gaula Beat is located approx. 30 minutes by car upstream of our head quarter in Støren. The fishing is quite attractive and suitable for up to 2 persons according to our standards.

For the whole beat can be said that there are many good resting and taking places spread over the whole length. The character of the river in this upper part of the Gaula is different from the lower and middle river. It is very charming due to the many rocks and large boulders to be found everywhere. It is partly more difficult wading than in the lower reaches. As the valley is more narrow here the railway track is in close proximity and needs to be crossed only once from the NFC parking places on the beat.

The middle part upstream of the bridge

A view from up the bridge towards the upper border

You have advantages if you can do the Spey- or Underhand cast on this beat. For fishermen who are capable of both, it is a fantastic beat with great and exciting possibilities. If you are not so fit or not a reasonable caster you can still have a lot of fun on this beat, particularly in the upper halve of the left bank.

A view from up the bridge towards the lower border