The Lower Gaula Beat
We are glad to be able to let you know that we have be en able to integrate a long fantastic b eat into our Rotation fishery – from 2007 onwards on a long term basis. From 2008 onwards we even have double bank fishing over the whole length of the beat. The new beat is located on the lower Gaula in the Kval area, 23 km downstreams of Storen. A unique series of large beautiful pools, which do fish well in all sort of conditions >from high to dead low water, will provide us with exciting fishing during the whole season in the years to come. That this beat means a serious improvement of the NFC Beats, is quite obvious. Especially the fishing in June is improved seriously with the integration of this beat. It was virtually the only addition one could think of in terms of a complete rounded up selection of prime pools covering all the best parts of the entire river. There is a lot of space, and 3 rotation groups (two fishermen per group) will be fishing the new Lower Gaula Beat from 2007 onwards.

An Overview - The Lower Gaula Beat

The upper glide and the first Pool, Storøya Pool

The first Pool: Storøya Pool close-up

It is fantastic fly water with the pools in continuous succession with only short rapids or streams between. The stone embankments made by the farmers to prevent the river >from undermining their lands, have formed magnificent long stretches of casting water in addition to the natural pools. There are parts which are very good in high and normal water, which is very interesting especially in June for the big spring fish. Here they are to be found and easily fished for ! This in addition to our famous Pools like the Bridge Pool, New Pool, Renna, Langöy, Long Pool and Tilseth Pool will make June to the favourite month for many of our most experienced fishermen.

The middle part in high water

Another look at the middle part in the twilight

The pools are easy to wade (gravel bank) and will be great fun to fish. In early June the early running large salmon will have inhabited this area below Gaulfossen in large numbers and the last years adventurous fishing in this area was nothing short of world class salmon fishing. But also in low water, most of these pools are looking very “fishy” and will improve our salmon fishing in the later halfe of the season as well, with some great sea trout fishing in addition.

Evening mood at the Beat E2

Low water in the middle part

A hot spot at the beginning of the lowest reach

A look upstream from the Beat E2

Nice Flywater all the way down (as well in low water)

The Lower Paradise Pool in August

With this new Beat together we also have a very nice and comfortable country house as accommodation from the season 2007 onwards. It has 6 nice double rooms and a large veranda with a view on the water . If you book the country house accommodation it is possible to stay in this house during your fishing week.

New country house accommodation on the lower Gaula

The veranda with view on the River Gaula

The living room

Here you can relax after a day fishing

The kitchen

The kitchen (different angle)

We have still some rods vacant in the first weeks in June and during some weeks over the whole season. Please let us know if you are interested in fishing with us next season .

Please contact us best by Email: or by phone: 0049-40-5892302