Johannes Kahrs with a beautiful salmon 13,2kg (29lbs) from Beat D1

Ken with his salmon from Beat B1

Serge Rameau and his salmon weighing 11,9kg (26lb)

Serge is playing his fish on Beat B2

Johannes with his next salmon - approx. 9kg (20lb)

Johan Wallestad - 10,0kg from Beat D1

Bruno with his fish of 11,2kg (25.5lb)

Daniel with his biggest fish so far this season - 11,6kg

Fabien with his fish caught in Beat D1 - 9kg (19.8lbs)

Karsten Kruhl with his sealiced salmon of approx 7,5kg (16.5lbs)

Yngve Landro with his Salmon of 11,6kg(25.5lb)

Yngve playing his first Salmon

Yngve Landro and his second Fish - 9kg (19.8lb)

Peter with his nice salmon of 12.5kg (27.5lb)

Francois with his Salmon from Bua Bridge Pool

Ottar Bang with his 8kg (17.6lb) salmon

Takashi with his beautiful salmon from Beat D1 10,2kg

Leo and his salmon from Beat C1 - 9,8kg (21.5lb)

Tim Gray with his personal record so far- 9,8kg (20.7lb)

Bruce Lindley with his Salmon - 10,3kg

Bruce with his fish from Beat C1

Bruce with his fish number 3 - from Beat E2

Ivan Page Ratcliff and his Salmon from Upper Gaula Beat

A nice female fish of approx. 10kg caught by Fabrice

Gerald Schimetta with his salmon from our Upper Gaula Beat

Aprrox. 12kg caught by Fabrice Bergues

Fabrice with his salmon of approx. 11kg

Olivier with his salmon of approx. 10,5kg

Roland Back with his coloured Salmon from our Upper Gaula Beat

Manfred Frenzl with his first salmon - approx. 5kg

Benedikt Frenzl with his first salmon 4,6kg

Andre Scholz with his female salmon weighing approx 10,5kg

Graham with a salmon of 6,8kg

Tony Richards with a good fish from our Railway Pool
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