Bruno Berthot with the first salmon from the NFC Beats in 2010 - 7,7kg (17lbs)

Daniel Stephan with his salmon of approx. 7,5kg (16,5lbs)

Johannes Kahrs and his first fish of the season weighing approx.8,5kg (18,5lbs)

Ken Sawada with a nice salmon from Beat E3 - ca. 7kg (15.5lbs)

Bruno and his beautiful salmon, weighing ca. 8,5kg (18.5lbs)

Yngve playing his first fish….

A beautiful salmon in best condition ;Yngve Landro!

Yngve with his great springer – 12,5kg(28lbs) from Beat E2

Fabien after catching 3 nice June springers within 6 hours!

First time visitor Laurent Rochette releases his first Gaula salmon – approx. 10kg (22lb).

Salmon No. 3 for Yngve in week 23 – estimated to weigh about 8,5kg (18.5lb)

No. 4 for Yngve - about 9,5kg (21lbs)

Manfred and his salmon

…and released after taking some pictures –double view!…

Alastair with his beautiful fish from beat E1

Francois Leobon with his larger fish from Beat E2 – 6.7kg (14.7lb).

A 10kg (22lb) salmon and a happy fisherman – Kristoffer Vassdal from Norway.

A perfect cock fish - our largest fish so far this season! (35lbs.)

Uwe Bruhn with his first ever salmon –weighing 8,4kg (18.5lb.)

Chris Henshaw with a cock salmon of 10,5kg (23.1lb)

Christian Lindström and his salmon of 10.5kg (23.1lb) from Beat D1

Bruce with his nice salmon from beat E1 - weighed in with 6kg (13.2lb).

Christian Vassdal with his nice salmon from Beat E1 - 8,5kg (18.7lb).

Joachim Sackel with his 3,5kg (7,7 lb.) fish from the junction

Bernd Kuleisa with his salmon from Beat E2 – about 7kg (15.5lb)

Chris Hensahw with his nice “Bua”- salmon from Beat D2 – 8,2 kg (18lb)

Christian Lindström with his beautiful female fish of 12,5kg (27.5lb)

Christian Tamcke with his medium sized salmon of 5,0kg (11lb.)

Christian with his salmon of 9kg (19.8lbs), caught on our Home Pool

Helmut Thiery with his medium sized fish of 4,1kg (9lb)

Gerald Schimetta with his fresh salmon of 5.4kg

Franz Wenger with his first salmon from our beat D1 - 5,5kg (12.1lb)

Eric Wolfe with his first Norwegian salmon of approx. 3,5kg (7.5lb)

Eivind’s salmon nr. 3 - approx. 4,5kg (10lb)

Daniel with his sea liced salmon of 5kg (11lb)

Daniel with his 2nd fish on the E-Beat night-session – 8kg (17,5 lb.)

Christian Tamcke with his salmon of 5,1kg (11.2lb)

Evandro with his nice salmon of approx. 7kg (15lb)

Mortan Carlsen with his nice salmon of approx. 9kg (20lb) from our Beat B2

Jean Luc with his salmon – weighing about 9,5kg (21lb).

Jon Babulic with his first salmon with his guide Christian Lindtröm – approx. 4kg (9 lb )

Linnea Stockhaus with her first salmon

Linus Andersson with his 7kg salmon from Beat D1

Peter Nilson with his nice salmon of approx. 11kg

Per Nyqvist with his well conditioned salmon of 10,5kg (23.1lb)

Per Heikkilä from with his salmon of about 7kg (15.5lb)

Andreas Kriedemann with a fish from Beat E2 – 6.5kg (14.3 lb)

Mortan with a great salmon from Beat B2 – ca. 12kg (26.5lb).

Mortan A. Carlsen with his salmon of 9,5kg (20.9lb) from Beat C2

Manfred Raguse with his approx. 4,5kg (10lb) salmon from D1

Matthew Gaspare with his fish of 4,7kg from beat B1

Matthias with his salmon of approx. 7.5kg (16.5lb)

Maurizio on Beat E2 with his salmon of 6,5kg (14.3lb)

Tsuyoshi Michishita and his salmon of 6,9kg (15.2lb)

Sven Oliver Spethmann with his fresh salmon of ca. 9,5kg (21 lb)

Stefano with a fresh fish of 4.6kg ( 10.1lb) from our Beat E2

Sascha Pütz with his good fish from Beat D2 – 8,2kg (18lb)

Peter E. with his salmon – 6,8kg (15lb)

Peter Nilson with his salmon of ca. 5kg.

Peter Nilson with his large salmon from Beat D1 – 14,7kg(32.3lb)!

Ralph Warnke with one of his fish caught in week 32 - 10,1kg (22.2lb.)

Akhide Sugiyama with his salmon of 7,5kg ((16.5lb).

Alastair Dunbar with his first salmon weighing about 7kg (15.5lb).

Andre Scholz is holding his salmon of 9,1kg - Beat C2

David Boothroyd with his fish from Beat A1 – 8,5kg (18.5lbs)

Dominique with his salmon of approx. 10,5kg (23lbs)

Jens Dam with his first Gaula-salmon – 7,5kg (16.5lbs)

Manfred and his fish, which he estimated to weigh 5,5kg (12lbs)

Martin Jackson with his first Gaula salmon – ca. 8kg (17.5lb).

Michael Dahms with his 9,8kg (21.6lb) salmon from beat D2.

Miro Ljubic with a good start into salmon fishing - 9.2kg (20.2lb).

Ola Sundberg with his salmon from Beat C2 – 9kg (19.8lbs)

Peter E. with his 2nd good fish of the day – ca. 9kg (20lb.)

Rod Hale with his large fish from our Beat BS2 – ca. 13,5kg (30lb)

Shusuke Hirano, a happy fisherman with a beautiful fish of 8,5kg (18.7lb)

Thomas Woelfle with his salmon of 6kg from BS1

Dr. Werner Brinker with his nice salmon of 7,5kg (16.5lb) from D1.

Eilif with his salmon of 9kg (19.8lbs)

Uli Kohls with his first Gaula Salmon
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