this beauty weighing just under 27 pounds (12,2 kg

cock fish caught in June 2008

a perfect fish

Grant Foreman with the first salmon of the 2007 season.

Pelle Klippinge with our "Landie"

green higlander

Yngve Landrö and his 24 pounder

Ken Sawada plays a salmon

Marcus plays a fish

Marcus Thomasson with the 10,6 kg

Pelle Klippinge - 31.8 pounds

Peter Ericsson with a salmon of almost 19 pounds

Ken´s Flybox

Ken with fresh salmon

Yoshi Fujiwara's fish from the Long Pool

...a reason to smile again

Toby Gray and his so far best salmon

Manfred Raguse

Peter Hans en with a fish weighing 16 ˝ lb (7,5 kg)

Niclas Jensen releases a fresh fish

Johannes Kahrs with a beautiful silver fish

Daniel Stephan with a salmon from our Beat D1, caught in week 29

Andre Scholz

Arve Nielsen

Casting demonstration

Chris Vanseer with a splendid fish


Rodriguez Elias with his personal record
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