The fishing on the Gaula has started again on Friday 09.08.2019. Update 09.08.2019 18.08.2019
In the last few days it has been raining in the Gaula valley and the water temperature dropped significantly. At the Eggafoss the water temperature was around 15 degrees. The water level at the Gaulfossen went up from 8.1 m / second at the to 17.6 m / second on 08.08.2019. It looks like the river will continue to rise in the next few hours. This positive development caused the river management to reopen the river on 09.08.2019 at midnight. In addition, the weather forecast looks very positive. It should continue to rain from Sunday evening, according to todays weather forecast we should get until Tuesday evening about 35mm of rain, for Friday the forecast promised 14mm, which hopefully sho... read more...

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Difficult fishing due to high water temperature and temporary closure of fishing on the Gaula 30.07.2019 03.08.2019
After the coldest start to the month of July since 1902 in parts of our region Trondelag an astonishing turnaround on very warm weather took place. Meanwhile, the heat wave from Europe has the Gaula under control. Even if the water level is still at 21 m / second on the Gaulfossen, the water temperature has already risen to over 20 degrees. This has led the river administration to stop fishing on the Gaula at 12 noon on Friday 26th July. As soon as the water temperature drops, the fishing on the Gaula continues.

Julien Sindous fish from Beat E1A.

This kind of fishing stop is very rare on the Gaula.
It is very surprising that despite the high water temperature and the relatively low water level, a good num... read more...

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After some high water in the beginning of July the water level is now constantly dropping. 17.07.2019 02.08.2019
In June the water level was relatively high and in the first week of July some more rain raised the river to more than 200 m / second at the Gaulfossen. So it was not really surprising that the new week started off very promising. Hernan Garcia landed a big fish of 99 cm and 10.5 kg/ 23.1 lb on Beat BS1. Unfortunately, the fish was bleeding heavily, so that Hernan had to kill it. Also Robert Ramisch was successful on Beat G1 and landed a grilse of about 2.5 kg/ 5 lb, which he released carefully.

Hernan Garcia with his salmon of 99 cm and 10,5 kg/ 23.1 lb from Beat BS1.

The next morning Thies Reimers was able to land a nice fish of about 6 kg/ 13 lb on Beat B2. He also released his fish carefully. Despite the high water level and perfect condi... read more...

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Still difficult fishing on the Gaula but the average weight is still high. Update 05.07.2019 02.08.2019
Since our last update the water level dropped constantly, and the fishing got a bit easier. We have been able to take the heavy sinking lines off the reels and the much lighter lines have been a much better choice for many of the NFC Beats. After we experienced some very good fishing on the NFC Beats in the Storen area it was only a question of time until these fish will reach the beats in Kotsoy. And so, it was not surprising that a good amount of fish has been recorded from the Beat BS1 in the following days.

Andreas Grass with his salmon of approx..9,5 kg/ 21 lb measuring 97 cm, from Beat BS1.

Andreas Grass and Ulli Dorfner fished together in BS1 and both lost a nice fish. After some time, Andreas hooked another fish and after an exciting fight he managed ... read more...

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