Our season on the Gaula ended on the 31st August we look forward to season 2018! 15.09.2017
During the last part of the season the runs of fresh salmon were more on the slow side. But on our E Beats there was a chance to catch fresh fish anytime due to their proximity to the sea.

After a longer low water period during the last third of the season the much appreciated rain came around the 20st August, but the fishing improved not as much as we had hoped for. The season on the Gaula overall was a great one. Especially the number of very large salmon was very impressive. During the season 7 fish over 20kg / 44 lb were caught and the largest fish were 24kg/ 53 lb, 23,1kg/ 51 lb. and 21,2kg/ 46 lb.

The registered catch during the 3 month season showed a total of 5.062 salmon with a total weight of 24.627kg /54,303 lb. Over 62% of all caught fish were returned on the river seen as a whole, whilst more than 90% of the catch on NFC waters was returned. The share of the large salmon over 7kg/ 15 lb was 13.107kg/ 28,901 lb in total 1.340 salmon which account for 26% of the total number caught, but for 53% of the total weight. In total 1.689 medium sized fish (2 sea winter) were caught, weighing between 3 and 7kg/ 7 - 15 lb. They had a total weight of 7.785kg/ 17,166 lb, accounting for 33% of the total number caught and for 31% of the total weight caught.

The average weight during the course of the season was 5,06kg /11.2 lb. This is quite good if one considers that for the first time since years the share of grilse has increased with a total of 2.033 grilse significantly again. Their number accounted for 64% of the years catch, but for only 15% of the total weight caught (3.734kg/ 8,233 lb). 64% of the total Gaula catch was caught on the fly, whilst 21% were caught on worm (!), 11% on the spoon and 2% on wobblers.

It is very encouraging to see that the share of fly caught fish increased significantly on the Gaula. At the same time the still high share of fish caught on worm is very disappointing as it does not fit with the catch and release restrictions which say that a good share of fish need to be returned in a careful way. A high proportion of the worm caught fish has suffered from the injuries caused by deeply swallowed hooks and cannot be returned. Therefore worm fishing is definitely unacceptable and should be definitely banned on the Gaula. We will continue our work for clear restrictions.

If you want to fish on the beautiful fly only beats of the NFC beats, please let us know as soon as possible. The coming season is already strongly booked and the number of vacant rods is very limited. We look forward to hear from you, best by E-mail to or by phone ++49-1724266036.


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