Historical low water conditions, but still some fish were caught 03.08.2018
The Gaula has as early in the season never been so low as it is at present – certainly not during the last hundred years. The water level has dropped to almost 5 m3/sec. and surprisingly fresh fish still seem to run upstream. And some of our fishers are catching fish.

Andreas Winter caught two more fish on our Beat at the Lodge – one of 6kg (13b) and another of about 7kg (15.5lb).

Andreas Winter with his 2nd fish of this session – approx. 7kg (15.5lb).

Also newly arrived guest Robert Ramisch from Germany caught a nice fish on the same stretch slightly upstreams. Robert’s fish measured 93cm and was estimated to weigh about 8kg (17.5lb).

Robert Ramisch with his salmon of 93cm.

The same evening Thomas Mahnke caught another fish at the same spot measuring 82 cm, as well Jean-Luc Verstraeten who was able to catch and release a great fish of 91cm, approx. 8,5kg (18.5lb).

Thomas Mahnke with his salmon of 82 cm caught on the small pool just above the Lodge.

On the E-Beats a grilse was landed by Adrian Kendrick. Manfred Raguse landed a grilse and a 66cm fish within halve an hour and returned both fish carefully. Mathias Vorweg and Werner Brinker were successful and caught some seatrout.

Manfred Raguse with a fresh run fish covered in sea lice, measuring 66 cm.

Gust Florus from Belgium, managed to land a nice salmon fishing beat E1a, which he estimated to weigh about 6,5kg (14.5lb).

Gust Florus with his nice salmon weighing approximately 6,5kg (14.5lb) from Beat E1a.

Sacha Pütz, well known fly tier from Germany, had a good start of his week with a fish of 6kg (13b) on Beat C1 followed by two big fish on Beat E6 on the next day of about 8kg (17.5lb) and 8,5kg (18.5lb).

Sacha Pütz with his first fish weighing approximately 8kg (17.5lb), caught on Beat E6.

Sacha Pütz with his second fish, weighing in with 8,5kg (17.5lb).

It seems the number of seatrout has increased again, as some were caught during salmon fishing on the lower Gaula. All seatrout were released carefully.
Jan Hocke from Germany landed a nice fish from Beat E2 measuring in at 86cm.

Jan Hocke with his salmon from Beat E2 – measuring 86cm.

During the following days the river continued to drop to even lower levels and fish began to concentrate in the more oxygenated faster water at the heads of the pools.

Despite the low level, Danish guest Poul Nielsen fished Beat BS2 and found responsive fish. After two fish boiling under his fly he hooked a nice fish and was able to catch and release a salmon measuring 88cm, estimated to weigh about 6,5kg (14.5lb).

Poul Nielsen with is beautiful salmon from Beat BS2.

As well Andreas Winter succeeded again, he managed to catch and release his next salmon, this time on Beat E7.

Andreas Winter with a fresh fish of about 4kg (9lb).

Some fish were caught until the end of last week by Mathias Vorweg, Hans E-Wolff , Hernan Garcia and Christian Tamcke, they were able to catch a few more grilse. Christian Tamcke also caught a good sized fish of 90cm estimated to weigh about 7kg (15lb) on Beat E6.

With the river level still historical low for this time of year the chances to catch fish are best in the lower reaches of the river. Higher upstream the fast pieces of water are best. Some of the fishers had response to dry flies and hitched tube flies.
From Sunday to Monday it rained again a bit and the river came up to 30 m3/ sec. at Gaulfossen and following this rise some more fish were caught. We keep you posted.


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