Low water and temporary closure of the Gaula 19.08.2018
Who followed our last updates about the fishing on the Gaula noticed one thing: the words low water level or low water was mentioned quite often. This did not really change during the last weeks. It was extremely hot in the Gaula valley and the common Norwegian summer rain never came. It was only a question of time until the water temperature and the water level would get into a critical level for the fish.

Low Water on the Gaula, here you can see the Lodge Pool.

The water level dropped to 7 m/Second on the Gaulfossen and with air-temperatures of up to 32 degrees in the day time and sometimes more than 20 during the night, the water temperature came up to over 20 degrees.

Water temperature in the evening at the Lodge, the thermometer shows almost 24 degrees.

The logical consequence was that the Gaula got completely closed for fishing on the 28.07.2018, until the situation changes.

But before the river got closed, some nice fish have been caught on the NFC Beats. It was once again nice to see that especially the lower Gaula beats were producing constantly fish even in these low water conditions.

Guy Stamet with a grilse from Beat E6.

Guy Stamet managed to land a nice grilse of approx. 2kg. Also Uwe Zdralek and Roger Pit were able to land one nice grilse each on Beat E6. Also Andre Scholz caught a nice salmon of approx.. 6,5 kg.
But also the NFC-Beats above the Gaulfossen produced some nice fish. For example managed Vladimir Samarin to land a nice salmon of approx. 6 kg on Beat C2, which he released carefully.

Vladimir Samarin playing his fish on Beat C2.

In the meantime, we have experienced a clear change of weather on the Gaula. The daytime temperatures and especially the nighttime temperatures have dropped significantly, and the water is slowly getting cooler again. On Friday morning, the water temperature was a little less than 18 degrees and, in the afternoon, it finally started to rain. This good news has been the reason why the river management decided to reopen the river after 6 days closure on Thursday evening at 6pm. We are curious to see what will happen in the next few days and keep you up to date.


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