Great season ending on the Gaula and a very promising forecast for the season 2019. 13.09.2018
As difficult as the fishery was in June and July, with historical low water conditions most of the time, so exiting was August, the last month of the season. August was colder and we had more rain than in an average year. Whenever the water level had just dropped to a slightly lower level, the next rain came and provided gave us with new water. It is not an exaggeration to talk about top conditions in most parts of August.

Very impressive tail of an Atlantic Salmon. Some of the fish in August were huge!

The water level was quite high during the last three weeks of the season and we experienced some very good fishing. The salmon which have been in the river for some time started to move further upstream and also some fresh fish came into the river. It is quite some time ago that we saw so many fresh and silver fish running in late August, like we did this year and we are not only talking about small Grilse, we are also talking about fish exceeding the meter mark and bigger!

A very fresh and completely silver fish from late August which was caught at BS2 and was estimated to weigh approx. 6,5 kg.

David Williams, who is an enthusiastic, but not very experienced salmon fisher, enjoyed the first week of August on the NFC Beats and managed to land 3 fish during his week. Two smaller Grilse in the lower Gaula Beats and a very nice female of approx. 6,5 kg on the Lodge Beat. He returned all fish carefully.

David and his Guide Hernan with Davids salmon of approx. 6,5 kg from the Lodge Pool.

Like you can see on the picture, the Gaula already rose quite a bit and got a fishy colour due to a lot of August rain - finally promising nice conditions following a long and dry summer.
Anna Lunde was able to land as well a good conditioned salmon on Beat C2. She estimated the weight to approx. 9kg and released the fish carefully after a quick picture.

Anna Lunde with her salmon of approx. 9kg from Beat C2.

Andreas Grass from Germany, who fished on the Gaula during the difficult conditions earlier during the season, came up for a short visit and this paid off immediately. Although he only had 4 days of fishing, he managed to land 9 salmon! He landed the first salmon of his trip in the morning after he arrived on Beat BS2. The water level at the Gaulfossen was almost 700m/second and it took only a few casts until he hooked the first fish in the top of BS2.

High and brown water, which is covering the bank high up into the trees, made wading in some places almost impossible. Experienced anglers like to see the river like this. The Gaula is hardly ever too

High and brown water, which is covering the bank high up into the trees, made wading in some places almost impossible. Experienced anglers like to see the river like this. The Gaula is hardly ever too high to be fishable.

Already after a few casts managed Andreas to hook his first fish.

The reward for a long journey, following a decision in favor of a short notice trip to the Gaula: a beautiful salmon of about 8.5 kg.

Andreas released his salmon after a quick picture.

Andreas was able to land his largest fish in Beat C2. The slightly coloured hen fish measured 97 cm and was estimated to weigh around 10 kilo.

Andreas with a nice female of 97 cm from Beat C2.

Also Thies Reimers managed to land two nice fish. At first he landed a nice coloured female of 103 cm on Beat C1 and one day after he caught a almost silver male of 102 cm on Beat BS1.

Thies releases a female of 103 cm from Beat C1.

Thies also released this cock fish measuring 102 cm from Beat BS1 carefully.

Also Kristoffer Lokken managed to land a beautiful fish on Beat C2. His salmon was 110 cm long and he released the fish after a quick picture.

Kristoffer with his salmon of 110 cm from Beat C2.

Big coloured fish, which entered the river earlier during the season, started to move again and came on the take. The three largest fish of the season on the NFC Beats were all caught during the last week of the season! Daniel Stephan was the first one who hooked one of the really big fish, whilst he fished Beat A1 in almost 400m/second (at Gaulfossen), after he finished his job at the lodge. He got a massive take in the lower part of the pool and the fish was not really moving. Thies Reimers was fishing the upper part and came down quickly with the landing net. But there was no need for any hurry, the fish was slowly moving through the pool. As soon Daniel was able to get one or two meters of line back onto his reel, the fish turned around and took some more line. After some time Thies saw the fish in the water and he was sure that this fight will not end very quickly. Just a short time after the fish did leave the pool through the side channel on the right side down streams of New Pool. Daniel and Thies did not had a choice and followed the fish almost all the way down to Maela rock. When the big male salmon was finally in the net, both could not believe what they saw. Daniel measured the fish and he estimated the weight of this 120 cm long fish to approx. 18,5 kg/ 41lbs. It was worth to get wet for this fish. Daniel released the salmon after a very quick picture.

Daniel with his

Also Thies was rewarded for his efforts and landed first a fresh salmon, covered in sea lice of about 7 kg and a little later he caught a female of approx. 9 kg.

Thies with his sea liced salmon form Beat A1.

Thies with a hen fish of approx. 9 kg, landed on Beat A1.

Erlend Granoien managed to land the next really big fish - this time in Lodge Pool. He fished upper part of the pool with a friend, when he got a nice take which acted in a very weird manner. It looked a little bit like that the fish did noz realized that he was hooked. After a sort fight Erlend managed to land his biggest salmon so far. It was a big male, measuring 112 cm and estimated to weigh approx. 14 kg/ 31 lbs. Also Erlend released the fish carefully after a quick picture.

Erlend Granoien with his salmon measuring 112 cm and estimated to weigh approx. 14 kg caught on the Lodge Pool.

As well Nic Schwerdtfeger managed to land some very nice fish during the last days of the season. He caught 3 salmon between 7,5 and 8 kg on Beat E7 and E7a and a nice fish of 80 cm on Beat A1.

Nic with a good salmon from Beat A1.

Also Simon Kitcher managed to land some nice fish up to 8,5 kg. Sadly he lost a very big fish on Beat E1A. Simon estimated the length far over 100 cm. As a small compensation, he landed this female of about 6.5 kg on Beat E2.

Simon with his salmon from Beat E2.

Thies Reimers managed to land the last fish of the season on the NFC water on Beat G1. After a hard take and a strong fight Thies managed to land a beautiful female salmon measuring 114 cm. Sadly he was on his own and did not got any nice picture. He released the fish carefully after taking a picture with the exhausted fish under water.

The last fish of the season on the NFC Beats, a nice female of 114 cm.

The final result for the Gaula (05.09.2018) is 25.616 kg/ 56,483 lbs. (24.726 kg in 2017) with 5.499 (5.095 in 2017) salmon landed. This is not the final result, usually some fish will be registered after the season. The catch breaks down to 1.836 Grise under 3 kg with a total weight of 3.127 kg, 2.518 medium sized salmon (between 3 and 7 kg) with a total weight of 12.512 kg and 1.145 large salmon over 7 kg with a total weight of 9.976 kg. Compared to 2017 the numbers for Grise and 3 sea winter fish are a bit lower but the amount of medium sized salmon increased by 815 registered fish!

The forecast for the season 2019 is looking very good (by having a look at the catch reports from 2018). The big increase of medium sized fish should be a good basis for massive returns of large three sea winter salmon (over 7 kg) during the season 2019.

Despite the difficult conditions during most part of the 2018 season, the booking situation for 2019 is already very good and only a few rods are available during the "Prime Time" weeks. If you would like to fish at the Gaula next season, it is now the time to reserve your rods, to avoid disappointment. Please bear in mind that August fishing is available at roughly only the half of what fishing in June and July costs. For a specific offer, please contact us by email at info@internationalflyfishersclub or by phone at: 0049 (0) 40 589 23 02.


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