The season start on the Gaula is almost around the corner 11.04.2019
In less than two months we will be on our way to Norway and we can not wait to be back at the Gaula river after 9 months.

Manuel Plösser with a beautiful salmon from the lower Gaula.

There is still snow in the Gaula valley and the water level is 17m³/second on the Gaulfossen. But this will change in the next few days and weeks. The weather forecast shows for the coming week, at least for the area around Storen, rising temperatures and the snow in the valley should begin to melt. The temperatures higher up in the valley and up on the mountains are still quite low. So it will probably take some time until the snow begins to melt up there.

At the moment there is still a good amount of snow in the upper areas, but it is by no means an exceptional amount of snow.

amount of snow in percent (compared with the average from 1981-2010)

The annual question, if the salmon are able to pass the Gaulfossen already at the season start, can not be answered at this time. However, with the current snow conditions the chances are good that the fish are able to pass the Gaulfossen at the season start, but it really depends on how the coming spring develops further in Trondelag. We are probably able to make a more concrete statement in the beginning of May.
But no matter how the weather will develop in the coming weeks, the beats of the Norwegian Flyfishers Club will guarantee first class fishing from the season start. Even if the fish can not pass the Gaulfossen at the season start, the NFC beats below the Gaulfossen are offering everyone the opportunity to fulfil the dream of a big fresh June salmon.

A dream of a fish from the lower Gaula (Beat E7).

The season start will be probably extremely exciting, because we expect a real "big fish season". The massive increase of medium-sized salmon last year gives hope for many really big fish this year. A situation no salmon fisherman should miss.
Recent changes of reservations made it possible that you have a chance to book one of the few last vacant "prime time" weeks, which are usually difficult to get. The advantage is that you will also have the pre booking right for this week in the following year.

Fabrice with his

Those of you who can not or do not want to spend quite as much money should have a closer look at the last few weeks in August. Here you have the possibility to fish from NOK 11.500 (only approx. 1.195 €) per week and rod (including fishing and country house accommodation). You will fish the same beats as in the twice as expensive "Prime time". So this is an excellent opportunity to get to know the exclusive NFC beats for relatively little money. Only two rods will fish one beat. There are also many other pools which can be fished anytime. This will increase your chances.

For a specific offer, please contact us by email at or by phone at: 0049 (0) 40 589 23 02.


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