Difficult season start on the Gaula, but some big fish have been caught on the NFC Beats 14.06.2019
After a very warm April and a quite cold May, the temperatures in the night of the season start have been just a bit above 0 degrees. Even on the higher mountains in the Storen area we had some new snow. These conditions didn’t make the fishing easier. On the 1st and 2nd of June each day one fish got lost in the E-Beats.

Sacha Puetz with his beautiful salmon from beat E6.

One fish got lost after a serious fight at the rocks in E2 by cutting the line and the second fish bend the size 6 hook. So we had to wait until the 3rd June, until Sacha Puetz managed to land at 1 pm the first salmon on NFC water. It was a dream of a fish, measuring 114 cm and weighing approx. 15,3 kg /33 ¾ lb. After a quick picture Sacha released the fish carefully.

The next fish was also caught on Beat E6, this time it was Gray Struznik who caught his first Atlantic salmon. After an exciting fight in the very fast water he was able to land a salmon measuring 111 cm and weighing approx. 14 kg / 31lb. As well his fish was completely fresh with sea lice covering his back. Gray also released his fish carefully.

Gray Struznik with his salmon of 111 cm.

The weather soon improved, and the air temperature went up to 29 degrees.
The next fish on the NFC Beats was landed by Christian Petuya on beat E3. His fish was 103 cm long and he estimated the weight of approx. 10 kg/ 22 lb. Also he released his fish carefully.
The first fish on NFC water above the Gaulfossen was landed by Johannes Kahrs on the 05.06. Johannes fished a black fly in the lower part of beat B1 when he got a nice take in very shallow water. After an exciting fight he landed his first salmon of the 2019 season. His fish was 102 cm long and weighted approx. 11 kg/ 24 ¼ lb. He released his fish carefully after a quick picture.

The first landed fish from the NFC Beats above Gaulfossen.

Maurizio Restaino managed to land the next salmon on Beat E2. His fish shows that we already have some medium size fish in the river. His salmon was 83 cm long and weighed approx. 6 kg. It took a Banana fly and was carefully released after s quick picture.

Maurizio Restaino with his first salmon of the season from beat E2.

Also, Thies Reimers managed to land his first salmon of the season on beat E6. His fish was 94 cm long and weighted approx. 8 kg. He released his fish after taking a quick picture.

Another fresh and silver salmon form beat E6, this time caught by Thies Reimers.

The next fish was caught by Kristof Reuther from Germany, who managed to land his very first Atlantic Salmon on beat E3. His fish was 96 cm long and he released it carefully after taking a nice picture. We will see later some film footage about this, as filmmakers Danie Goez and Anton Hamacher were filming.

Kristof Reuther and Anton Hamacher with Kristof’s first Atlantic Salmon.

Johannes Kahrs managed to land his second fish of the seaosn on Beat E6. This fish weighed approx. 6 kg, but was as silver and fresh as they get in early June. Johannes also released this fish carefully.
The next fish was landed by Heiner Bueschen, as well on beat E6. His fish was 91 cm long and weighted 6,5 kg. Sadly, his fish was bleeding badly and couldn’t be released.
The water level on the Gaulfossen went up to 494 m³/second but already dropped to 108 m³/second last night. This means that the salmon can pass the Gaulfossen without any problems. We are curious how the next days will be and hope to be able to present you more catches soon. We expect every moment that more salmon arrive on the NFC beats above the Gaulfossen. Also, the fishing on the NFC beats below the Gaulfossen seems to be getting better again. The numbers of the research nets in the Trondheim fjord look very promising in terms of the number of large salmons. These fish are examined and tagged and are released afterwards. This will ensure f. ex. more knowledge about the origin of these fish which were born in one of the rivers draining into the Trondheimfjord. Of these rivers the Gaula is the largest and approx. 1/3rd of all salmon that enter the fjord are heading for their home river Gaula.
Overall, the first days on the entire Gaula were quite successful. A total of 463 salmon with a total weight of 4,064 kg were landed by June 12th. Of these, 371 fish weighed over 7 kg / 15 ½ lb (large salmon) and weighing in total 3,634 kg. In addition to the large salmon, 76 medium-sized salmon weighing between 3 and 7 kg / 5 ½ - 15 ½ lb and 16 grilse were landed. 43% of the caught salmon have been released. 51% of them caught by fly, 27% on worm, 17% on spoon and 3% on wobbler.
The water level went up and down because of the snow melt and rain. There are 5 warmer days in the forecast for the next days but already at the beginning of next week is the temperature expected to drop again. In every case are the water temperatures between 11 and 13 ½ °C at an ideal fly-fishing level. Now there is despite a lot of rain and higher temperatures at times, some snow left in higher mountain reaches in the North-East.
There are a few rods available during the next weeks. If you are interested in fishing at the Gaula, then you are welcome to contact us at any time by email: or by phone at 0049 (0) 40 589 23 02.


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