The conditions are improving, and some nice salmon have been caught on the NFC Beats. 27.06.2019
The conditions are getting better from day to day. The water temperature is rising and the water level on the Gaulfossen dropped to 61 m³/second. So, the salmon are able to pass the Gaulfossen rapids without any problems and therefore also the catches on the NFC Beats on the middle and upper river improved. But also, the fishing on the lower Gaula has been good.
Eric Ottens managed to land a silver salmon of 101 cm on beat E6. Just some time before he already lost one fish and the day before he lost a really big salmon which sadly decided to leave the pool.

Eric Ottens with his beautiful salmon of 101 cm from beat E6.

Also regular guest Bruce Lindley from the UK managed to land his first fish of the week on the same beat. His fish weighed approx. 6,5 kg/ 14 ½ lb. and he released it carefully after taking some pictures.

Bruce with his salmon of 6,5 kg/ 14 ½ lb. from beat E6.

As well Heiner Büschen landed a nice fish in beat E6. It looks like this beat improved even more during the last year and it seems like this beat is fishing now in basically all water levels.
Also David Swain, who returned to the NFC water after some years again, had a good week, landing three fish. David landed his first salmon of 90 cm in beat G1. The next salmon he got was 103 cm, from Beat E1. The last fish of the week measured 83 cm from beat BS1. David released all fish carefully.

David Swain with his salmon of 90 cm from beat G1.

Davids second fish of 103 cm from beat E1.

Also Fergus Kelly landed his first fish after some tough days fishing. His beautiful fish from beat G1 measured 97 cm. Also Fergus released his fish carefully.

Fergus with his beautiful salmon of 97 cm from beat G1.

Also Thies Reimers was able to lend another fish. This time from beat C1, even if the water level was too high. His fish was 97 cm long and weighed approx. 9 kg. Also Thies released his fish carefully.

Manfred Raguse landed two nice fish and released them both carefully. The first fish from beat E7 measured 97 cm, the second one form beat C2 measured 93 cm.

Manfred with his salmon from beat E7.

… and the second one form beat C2.

Also Jean Luc Verstraeten managed to land his first Gaula salmon of the season. His very powerful fish of 100 cm took his fly in beat G1 and was landed after a hard fight all the way down in the pool below.

Jean Luc Verstraeten with his salmon of 100 cm from beat G1.

Also Jean Luc released his fish carefully.

Gerald Schimetta from Austria had also a very good start into his week. He landed his first fish of approx. 9 kg/ 20 lb, on beat BS2.

Gerald with his beautiful salmon from beat BS2.

Just a little bit later also Thomas Mahnke hooked his first salmon on Beat BS1. After a very exciting fight he managed to land a nice fish of 97 cm. After a quick picture he released his fish carefully.

Thomas with his salmon of 97 cm from beat BS1.

Also Guttorm Kringlen from Norway landed a nice salmon of approx. 7 kg/ 15 ½ lb. on beat BS1 and in the session afterwards Rolf Spjelkavik from Norway landed a beautiful salmon of 102 cm.

Rolf Spjelkavik with his beautiful salmon of 102 cm from beat BS1.

Gerald Schimetta managed to land another salmon. This time it was a nice salmon of approx. 9 kg/ 20 lb. from Beat C2. Also he released this fish carefully.

Gerald Schimetta with his beautiful salmon of 9 kg from Beat C2.

The conditions are looking promising for the next few days. The water level rose from 61 m³/second on the Gaulfossen to 270 m³/second and we are sure we can show you some more pictures very soon.
There are a few rods available during rest of the season. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you would like to fish the Gaula during this season. You can reach us by email: , or by phone: 0049 (0) 172-4266036.


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