Difficult fishing due to high water temperature and temporary closure of fishing on the Gaula 30.07.2019 03.08.2019
After the coldest start to the month of July since 1902 in parts of our region Trondelag an astonishing turnaround on very warm weather took place. Meanwhile, the heat wave from Europe has the Gaula under control. Even if the water level is still at 21 m / second on the Gaulfossen, the water temperature has already risen to over 20 degrees. This has led the river administration to stop fishing on the Gaula at 12 noon on Friday 26th July. As soon as the water temperature drops, the fishing on the Gaula continues.

Julien Sindous fish from Beat E1A.

This kind of fishing stop is very rare on the Gaula.
It is very surprising that despite the high water temperature and the relatively low water level, a good number of fresh fish is still coming into the Gaula. In difficult conditions due to warm weather, Especially the E Beats in the lower Gaula are producing most of the fish. Here is a brief overview of the catches before the closure.
The first fish after our last update was caught by Julien Sindou on Beat E1A. His fish weighed approx. 3,5 kg and he released it carefully after taking a quick picture.

Also, Andre Scholz is back on the Gaula and landed his first fish of the week on Beat G1. His fresh fish weighed approx. 3,5 kg and was carefully released.
Karl-Peter Ingber was successful on Beat E1A. His fish measured 94 cm and was carefully released after a quick picture.

Karl-Peter Ingber with his salmon of 94 cm from Beat E1A.

Andre Scholz landed a real exceptional fish at the Bua. It was a perfect sea trout of exactly 70 cm, which took his fly. The fish was carefully released after a quick photo.

Andres sea trout of 70 cm from the Bua.

Bob Colson managed to land a very nice fish on Beat E2. After an exciting fight, in which his fly line caught got caught behind a few stones in Beat E3, he landed a salmon of 90 cm. After a quick photo he released the fish carefully.

Thies measuring Bob fish.

Aleksandr Gyurdzhan landed a nice fish of 79 cm at the Bua Beat. Also, this fish was carefully released after taking a quick photo.

Aleksandr Gyurdzhan and Nick with Aleksandrs fish from the Bua.

Also Earl Tester, who only fished 3 days at the NFC Beats experienced some good fishing. He hooked 3 fish, but sadly managed only to land one. The two other fish got away during the fight. His fish of 74 cm from Beat M2 was released by Earl carefully after a quick picture.

Earl Tester playing his fish at Beat M2.

Earl with his salmon form Beat M2.

Andre Scholz managed to land two more salmon. One fish of 89 cm and approx. 7 kg from Beat E1 and a grilse of 2,5 kg from Beat G1. He released both fish carefully.

Andre Scholz with his salmon from Beat E1.

A real dream of a fish was caught by Alan Cochran on Beat E1a. In his first session oft the week he managed to land a beautiful fresh salmon of 99 cm. He released his fish carefully after taking a quikc picture.

Alan Cochran with his salmon of 99 cm from Beat E1A.

The Norwegian weather forecast predicts 4 more days with over 30 degrees for Storen. Thereafter, however, the temperatures should drop to around 20 degrees. We will keep you updated on this website and will post it here as soon as we know when the fishing on the Gaula can continue. In the last year, the rain came faster than expected and immediately we experienced a sensational fishing. The chance that this will be repeated shortly is not bad. In the latest report, the research nets reported an improved catch of salmon migrating into the Trondheim fjord. So it might be worth it to have a look on our website and check the weather forecast and then get to the Gaula at short notice.

There are a few rods available during rest of the season. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you would like to fish the Gaula during this season, or if you want to secure your space for next season (1st June 31st August). You can reach us by email: or by phone: 0049 (0) 172-4266036.


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