Book one of the last few spots for the 2020 season in Tsimane! 20.02.2020
Perhaps the best Dorado fishery you will find anywhere. This destination is so fascinating because you are fishing for big Golden Dorado in fast flowing and crystal-clear medium sized rivers. It is a fly only destination. A lot of international well known fly fishers have been fishing this unique destination in Bolivia and have all been very impressed.

Also at Tsimane the 2020 season starts to fill up and there are only a few rods in the following weeks:

Pluma Lodge
20. June 27. June (2 Rods)
27. June 04. July (1 Rod)
04. July 11. July (2 Rods)
25. July 01. August (2 Rods)

Agua Negra Lodge
08. August 15. August (1 Rod)

Secure Lodge
12. June 19. June (2 Rods)
31. July 07. August (1 Rod)
07. August 14. August (4 Rods)
09. October 16. October (2 Rods)
16. October 23. October (6 Rods)

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any further questions of if you would like to get an offer for your preferred week.


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