The Club
The Norwegian Flyfishers Club (NFC)

was run as a private company and a private club by it's Chairman Manfred Raguse, with the aim to preserve wild salmon stocks and to provide private fly fishing water, "know how" and good service. The same attitude has the new NFC chairman Per A. Arneberg. The NFC has, over the years, carefully selected prime fly water in the most attractive reaches on the Gaula River. The NFC employs a regular team of very competent professional guides who are all accomplished fly fishermen, speak English and are always ready to help.

The Philosophy:

In any situation in which good salmon beats have become very rare as a result of river out-buildings for hydroelectric power or other purposes, pollution, acid rain, and the activities of the salmon farming industry, different opinions on the proper use of salmon rivers come into conflict with each other.

The possibilities are very limited: Either the beat is in the hands of an industrial concern(and the water is thereby inaccessable); it is handled by a local fishing association where one must "queue up" in order to fish, or it is managed by one of the few private fisheries which exist here and there in Norway.

In view of this given situation, we and our closest Norwegian friends felt that it was necessary to found an international organization which uses its financial and political power not only to keep the ecological balance intact, but also to defend the original values which are associated with flyfishing for salmon.

This has succeeded over many years due to the fact that we have an excellent relationship with many ground owners (the salmon rivers in Norway are privately owned), and by leasing extensive and expensive beats which are especiallly suitable for flyfishing. This has also fared well because of participation in the public discussion for a better environment. We founded the Norwegian Flyfishers Club in order to contribute to the future of the preservation of the Atlantic Salmon.