Salmon season on the Gaula
There are just two weeks of the salmon season 2004 left. The last week produced on the Gaula beats of the Norwegian Flyfishers Club only a few fish up to 10,4 kg, because high temperatures and very low water make fishing difficult. However, the weatherforecast shows quite som rain and we know that there are extremely many fish waiting in the Fjord to run the river as soon as the water rises! We had some rain today combined with decreasing temperatures and three fish were taken, the best of 7,0 kg / 15 1/2 lb. One fish of 6,3 kg / 13.9 lb was caught by Markku Fagerlund from Finland within the first hour of his salmon fishing career! Some fish were lost and the best fishing hours are still to come at the time of writing. Several of the NFC pools are full of fish. If you are interested to join us during the backend of the season, please give us a call at the below stated numbers.

Last year, out of approximately 650 Norwegian salmon rivers, Gaula was the number one for sport fishing. The catch for the season, which only lasts three months, was 38,593 kg. The Gaula produced more fish to rods than the Tana, which is ten times longer. This is even more remarkable because weather conditions were particularly bad for the Gaula in the prime month of July. The most productive weeks turned out to be in June and in August.

The 2004 salmon run began very early (April and May), but exceedingly cold temperatures, and even snowfall, slowed it down in June. All overNorway it was reported that fishing was worse than in the previous year, often in connection with low water conditions which appeared quite early in those rivers which are shackled with hydro-electric schemes. The Gaula did not have this problem, whereas other rivers like Stjørdal and Orkla had to register lower catches than previous years, due to low water levels. On the Gaula it was quite the opposite, as levels were too high for a long time.

Many of our guests had very good fishing, and many of them caught their personal best on our beats. For example, Johannes Kahrs caught ninesalmon up to 9.5 kg (20.9 lbs) in his week. Five of which were carefully released. Ronald Windl landed three salmon weighing, 9.6 kg (21.2 lbs), 9.0 kg (19.8 lbs) and 7.2 kg (15.9 lbs) in just three days. The owner of the Patagonia clothing company, Yvon Choinard, and his three fishing partners were all successful. Our regular guest Karl Theodor Vogel from Würzburg, in his 89th year, caught two nice salmon. The author Thomas Wölfle caught three good salmon in his week weighing 10.1 kg (22.5 lbs), 9.5 kg (20.9 lbs), and 9.2 kg (20.3 lbs). Donald Mowat caught five salmon, and the biggest (108cm-long) was released. Professor Albrecht Eggert managed to catch 12 salmon, and his wife Regine caught seven.

In Week 29 fishing started to improve from around 10 July. After long periods of high water levels, the river was finally down to the medium summer water conditions, which is more attractive for fishing. In this week the water of the Norwegian Flyfishers Club on the Gaula produced a total of 68 fish up to 15.5 kg (34.2 lbs). Among them were also the first sea-trout.

Several fishermen caught their bag limit of three salmon. Each day big salmon, fresh from the sea and carrying sea-lice, were caught. This trend continued throughout Week 30. During this week our guests caught 35 salmon up to 10 kg, (22.1 lbs), with only one grilse in the total.

We have observed big runs of salmon and anglers are excited about the impressive number of big salmon in our pools. But the fish were not taking well. Although the water was getting really low, the Gaula still produced some fish. There were a few more grilse showing up in the catch. In Week 31, five of our guests managed to catch the first salmon of their lives!

If you are flexible and interested to fish with us this season on the water of the Norwegian Flyfishers Club please contact Manfred Raguse directly in Norway Tel. 0047-91-393-498. There are still some rods vacant!

Manfred Raguse caught the first 4 salmon on the NFC water at the Forra. All fish were fresh run and carried sea-lice.

At the same Stjørdal/Forra beat we have still some rods available. This is due to some short notice cancellations, so some rods are available at reduced prices.

Gaula: We can offer an ideal fishery for a group of 4 -6 persons with accommodation in the English House directly at the river at our new Bogen Søndre Beat (due to a cancellation) at a greatly reduced price. Please call us!

Norwegian Flyfishers Club A/S

Manfred Raguse Tel.: 0047-91393498 e-mail:

Yngve Landro caught this salmon of 15.5 kg (34.2 lbs) on July 17, in Long Pool. He came just for a weekend and he and his friend Arve Nilsen caught six nice salmon salmon between them

Ken Sawada's best fish this season was caught on 19 June, in the Junction Pool on a Black Fairy. This is the second largest fish of the season so far.

Masota Aoki, from Japan, caught seven Gaula salmon up to 14.1 kg (31.1 lbs) in Week 26.

Terry Oldfield with a splendid cock fish of 29 pounds/ 13.1kg caught on the 12. June in our Junction Pool on his new tube fly "Terry Fire".

Dr. Jack Cunningham, M.P., former Minister in the Blair Government caught three salmon right upon his arrival on our new Bogen Soendre Beat on the Gaula within 2 1/2 hours. Next morning he caught a 19 pounder. He caught a total of 9 salmon during his week. All despite two fish were caught on "The Editor" fly.

Ronald Windl landed three salmon weighing,9.6 kg (21.2 lbs), 9.0 kg (19.8 lbs) and 7.2 kg (15.9 lbs) in just three days.

The brothers Malcolm and Kevin MacCormick with a good catch from the Gaula in Week 29.

Chris Vanseer caught this nice 12 kg (26.5 lbs) Gaula male on a Black and Silver fly.

At the same Stjørdal/Forra beat we have still some rods available. This is due to some short notice cancellations, so some rods are available at reduced prices.

Manfred Raguse plays a 18 pounder in magnificent surroundings on the Gaula.

The Bua Bridge Pool is a nice pool were the fish like to rest after running a long set of rapids on the tributary Bua River. The Bua stretch incl. this Pool is part of Beat D.

Head of the Bua Bridge Pool
The season 2004 has started!
Gaula: Week 1 / 2004

It is always with great anticipation that we fishermen approach the river on the first day of a new fishing season. 2004 started off with a water level at the Froseth gauge of 90cm and the fishing began at midnight on June 1st under cloudy skies, with an air temperature of around 8 degrees. A cannon shot at the local fishing centre in Storen signalled the start of a fresh new season and many fishermen were already out on the river ready to make their first casts. Earlier in May there had been a spell of unusually warm weather and it soon became clear that there had been an early run of fish and that these had already taken up residence in some of the pools. The first fish on NFC water was taken by Dr. Heinz Werner Heller in the Junction Pool on June 1st. The fish had clearly been in the river for some time but was nevertheless in quite good condition, weighing in at 8.8 kilos. It was taken at 1pm on a Green Highlander tube. The Gaulfossen fisherey remained fishless the first night - a most unusual experience. The weather over the next few days turned out sunny and warm but very cold at night with water temperatures of around 7degrees and an air temperature sometimes as low as 0 degrees, making for some uncomfortable fishing at night. Water levels were fluctuating as they usually do at this time in June, with the snow-melt bringing the river up in the evening and levels falling again during the day. Pockets of fish could be seen from time to time running and the second fish was soon taken on June 2nd in Bridge Pool by Mark Linfield on a Temple Dog tube. The fish weighed in at 7.1 kilos (15.7 lb)and looked to be another of those early-run salmon. Reports coming in from the river in general suggested that most of the fish caught so far were 2-3 weeks in the river, with a handful of fresh sea-liced fish amongst them. One notable catch was a fish of 20.5 kilos (45 lb) taken in the Rognes area, just 2 km upstreams of our Beat D. The first week continued with sunny weather and a cold, Northerly airsteam but soon there was a promise of some rain and hopes were high that the salmon waiting in the fjord would run the river on this nice fresh water. A nice fish of 9.7 kilos (21.4 lb) was taken in Tilseth by P.Schleimann on 4th June and another soon after from Home Pool by Stephen Deakin of 10.6 kilos (23.4 lb). This was the first really fresh fish to be taken with sealice and showed clearly that new fish were now running. Meanwhile the rain had come and soon the river was rising, together with the hopes of the fishermen, all these elements going into the melting pot of the "merry-go-round" of raised and dashed hopes that forms the backbone of most memorable fishing weeks. Meanwhile water levels had risen to1m10 and pockets of fish were seen running through the pools. Soon another fish was taken in Bridge Pool by R.Wuerth. The fish was taken on a blue and silver tube and weighed in at 10.0 kilos (22 lb). As the water levels dropped back towards the end of the first week, 2 more fish were taken on June 6th, one a superb fish of 12 kilos (26 1/2 lb) from Bridge Pool by Chris Vanseer on a Black and Silver tube at 6am and the other by A.Witt weighing 8.0 kg (17.6 lb) from Lower Langoy on a Sunray Shadow, taken at 8am. So the first week of the 2004 season ended with a total of 7 fish caught, with all the usual reports of various takes and some fish lost here and there. Compared to 2003 it had been a difficult week but otherwise it was pretty typical of an early week"s salmon fishing.

Gaula: Week 2 / 2004

Week 2 began once again with a full compliment of new rods and the first fish of the week was soon taken in the Bridge Pool by John Hunter on a Temple Dog tube weighing in at 6.5 kilos (14.3 lb). The water was falling back nicely and the colour from the recent rain was clearing. The Northerly airstream continued to produce a cold breeze and very low overnight temperatures. Most of the fishermen were devoting their main efforts towards fishing during the day when the air temperature would rise well above the water temperature, usually the most likely conditions to produce a take. The next fish of 8.6 kg (19 lb) came from the Junction Pool, taken once again on a Sunray Shadow by Andreas Witt. So far the Junction Pool had already produced 2 fish and was clearly getting the attention it deserves as a truly exciting pool to catch a salmon in. Meanwhile downriver on the Gaulfossen there were reports of many fish running and further reports from the fjord suggested that there were a lot more salmon waiting to come into the river. Geoff Fisher caught a hard-fighting fish of 10,0 kg (22 lb) in Renna on a Sunray Shadow and towards the end of the week Ken Sawada caught a beautiful sea-liced fish of 10,0 kg (22 lb) in the Bridge Pool. Terry Oldfield closed the second week with a lovely sea-liced cock fish of 13.1 kg (28.9 lb) from the Junction Pool on June 12th, taken on a Terry Fire tube on the afternoon of June 12th.. Another typical early season week was now over and the following week was to commence with an early promise of rain and a warmer and more Westerly airflow.

Geoff Fisher with a fine salmon of 10,0 kg / 22lb caught on the 10th of June on a Sunray Shadow.

John Hunter with a fish of 6.5 kg taken on a Temple Dog 4. View on Langöy Pool 5. View on Tilseth Pool

Michael Dahms caught this two nice fish on the 23rd June within two hours. The first one weighing 9,5 kg (21 lb) at the Long Pool and the second one on Renna (5.6 kg/ 12,3 lb).

Chris Tarrant fishes our new beat in the upper reaches of the Gaula. The new beat is consisting of approx. 2,7 km of the Gaula river and approx. 1,8 km of the most charming tributary Holda (very similar to the Forra river)

Salmon fishing on Gaula, Stjørdal and Forra & Vacancies 2004
After an exciting season in 2003, the official catch statistics for our rivers confirm that despite some difficult conditions we experienced another very productive year. Improved knowledge about our new 'big fish' beat on the Stjørdal/Forra provided us with great success on this water, even when the Gaula failed to produce fish under adverse conditions.

Overall conditions at the start of last season were not that extraordinary, but fishing was very good from day one. The first salmon on our water was caught by Manfred Raguse at 5.20 am on opening day, 1 June, on the Stjørdal and weighed 9.8 kg (21.6 lb). The first salmon from our Gaula beats was caught by Chris Vanseer on 2 June, in the Home Pool, and weighed 7.9 kg (17.4 lb). We had some fantastic early season fishing on our Stjørdal and Gaula beats, both gave fantastic sport, which was probably our best ever June fishing. In weeks 23 and 24 alone our Gaula beats produced 55 large salmon with an average weight of 9.8 kg (21.2 lb).

July saw many salmon running our rivers but there was just one thing missing - rain! It was a terribly dry summer all over Europe and Britain. The Gaula is a large river with a catchment of more than 3,000 km2 and can easily cope with longer periods of drought. The middle and upper Gaula fishing was still productive in July, but it was obvious that conditions were getting harder by the day. However, despite the bright sunny weather some salmon were caught. Most of our guests concentrated their efforts at night, which proved more successful. Some anglers also tried for sea-trout, with good results. The total catch of Gaula sea-trout has risen again to about 2,500 kg, after a few less-productive years.

The second half of July, which is normally prime-time on our beats, provided difficult conditions for all fishermen on the Gaula. Because of the drought many smaller Norwegian rivers were closed for fishing but we continued in the hope that conditions might improve. We know that this can happen very quickly in Norway, especially here in Trøndelag, and the weather forecast was not too bad. Several of our Gaula rods took the opportunity to fish vacant days on our Stjørdal/Forra beat with great success. The guaranteed compensation flow from the power station on the upper river ensured very good catches at the NFC's Junction Beat. All fish bound for the Forra wait there in the perfect holding pools until there is sufficient water to move upstream. Numerous catches were made during the periods of low water - and for several weeks fishing was much better here than on the Gaula. Our Stjørdal beat proved once again that it fishes well under all conditions throughout the season. It is one of the most reliable beats in the whole of Norway because it always holds fish.

Meanwhile, great numbers of salmon were waiting patiently in the fjord for rain that would allow them passage up the Gaula. Finally in August the long awaited deluge came: The Gaula rose at a rate of 800m3/per second for several hours and while big trees were carried down the Gaula our fishermen were soon back in business. Fishing was excellent and some rods had amazing catches. Good water conditions continued until the end of the season. The total catch on the Gaula was more than 39 tons (including 2.5 tons of sea-trout). This is an extremly good result considering the very difficult conditions encountered during some of the prime weeks. On the Stjørdal the result was 8.3 tons of salmon and 734 kg of sea-trout, which is a very good result, as well.

Vacancies for season 2004:

Bogen Søndre Beat

For this season we have a new addition to our Gaula fishing. With 'Bogen Søndre' we offer a very productive and charming new beat, which is the ideal choice for small groups looking for something private and exclusive. The beat provides great fly water, is ideal for parties of 4 to 6 and has the benefit of self-catering accommodation at an old farm house just beside the river. This is the ideal place for an independent group who can have the whole beat for their own disposition. Almost the entire beat comprises both banks. Many weeks are already booked out but we still have some vacancies. The last available weeks are: Weeks 30 and 31, 32, 33, 34 and 35.

As the beat is situated in the higher reaches of the river many experts consider the second half of the season from mid-July to the end of August as the prime-time.

Stjørdal - Forra- Beat

The Stjørdal/Forra Junction Beat is another good choice for small groups, as well as for single rods. The beat consists of approximately 2,5 km (almost all double-bank) fishing on the Stjordal and the Forra. One of our experienced guests said of this beat: "It is not as easy to fish as the Gaula and it takes some time to understand the water, but if you do you will allways be in contact with fish. In my opinion it is one of the most productive beats you can fish". Fishing this beat might be your best chance to catch a trophy salmon throughout the season. It is only three years ago that the official Norwegian record for salmon caught on a single-handed rod was caught in August on this beat. It weighed 23,3 kg/ 51,5 lbs. We still have some vacant rods on this special water in 2004, even for groups and for prime weeks. Please let us know when you would prefer to come and we will try to find the right time for you. There are 2 rods vacant for the season start and there is space in prime weeks 25, 26, 27 & 28.

Gaula Rotation

Our Gaula rotation has worked well for many years, offering our guests a unique variety of beats and pools to fish. This includes from 2004 approximately 4,5 km new water in the upper reaches, without an increase of the number of rods! Many regulars who have been fishing with us for many year agree that this system works well. Therefore, we have a very good repeat bookings, so highly recommend that you contact us as soon as possible if you are interested in fishing this season. We have some rods vacant in the following weeks: Week 23 – 1 rod; Week 23 – 1 rod; Week 25 – 3 rods; Week 25 from 13. – 17. June 2 rods for 3 1/2 days; week 26 – 5 rods, week 27 – 2 rods; week 28 - 2 rods; week 29 - 4 rods; week 30 - 4 rods; week 31 - 6 rods; week 32 - 6 rods; week 33 - 3 rods; week 34 - 5 rods; week 35 - 5 rods.

Best regards,

Manfred Raguse

Norwegian Flyfishers Club A/S, Oppst u Gard, N-7290 Støren, Norway , or

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