The Season 2007
During the week before the start of the season fishing conditions were getting better and better every day. The water temperature had reached 6.5° C, and the gauge at the Frøseth Bridge in Støren showed a consistent water level of 1 m . Our guides, who have been busily preparing the beats for the season for almost two weeks, have seen fish jumping even in the middle Støren beats and therefore we all had high hopes for a perfect start.

But suddenly conditions changed dramatically. Very warm air temperatures exceeding the 20° C mark combined with long and very strong rain falls caused that the Gaula and its tributaries rise enormously. On May 29 at 13:30 hrs the river was running at only 153 m³/ sec. and on the 31 st May at 13:30 hrs – just a few hours before the start – the river had risen to 800 m³/ sec.! Our main access way alongside the river was flooded, which is rarely seen. The water was quite coloured as well, but luckily did not continue to rise. However, when passionate salmon anglers from several corners of the world were gathering late in the Støren Hotell to get info rmed about the present situation, things were not looking too bright and most decided to go to bed and save their power.

But as always, the Gaula started to fall and clear up earlier than most people can believe, and towards mid day on the opening day of the season, fishable conditions were a fact again. The river has since been falling with a flow of 300 m³/sec. and the NFC ‘drowned gauge' appeared again at 2,10 m , with the water steadily clearing. Grant Foreman then took advantage of this improved situation and hooked the first ‘blank-laks' on the NFC water around 12.30hrs, in the Lower Langöy Pool, in the middle reaches of the Gaula, close to Støren. This bright and beautiful fish weighed 16 ½ pounds and measured 94 cm .

About 3 o'clock in the afternoon, Bruno Berthot from France hooked a very big fish in the New Pool and was battling with it for 15 minutes. Unfortunately the fly came off and the fish was lost.

Not much later at 18:15, the famous fly tier and innovator Ken Sawada landed a superbly conditioned fish of the same size as the first one caught, weighing 16 ½ pounds in the very same pool.

Ken Sawada plays a salmon on the Gaula

Ken Sawada on the first day of the new season with the second fish

The water is still falling and clearing up and therefore we are full of expectations for the fishing during the next days.

The reports from the Gaulfoss, an important piscatorial barometer for the middle and upper reaches of the Gaula, indicate that many large salmon are travelling through the lower reaches of the Gaula. As the water levels reduce, this large body of fish will continue their passage home and pass through all the NFC pools. Reliable reports of 50+ fish taken in the lower Gaula beats, are combined with an impressive average weight of around 9 kg/20 lb., with several 15kg and 14kg fish taken in the first two days of the season. We await the arrival of these pods of larger fish with bated breath and a brave heart. As the water falls in to a perfect level, all our expectations are of world class big-salmon fly fishing over the coming days.

After the first two fish were landed the water level dropped back to 2,10m at the Frø seth Bridge , which equals approximately 420 m³/ sec. During the night the level dropped further to 1,60 m, although there was a little rise in between due to some snow melt. The water temperature was 6°C. Ken Sawada fished our new water on the lower Gaula and hooked a fish around 12:30 in the beautiful pool Övre Statshölen. The bright and sealiced fish weighed 7,0 kg/ almost 15 ½ lb., measured 90 cm and was tempted by one of Ken's Aquamarine Squid on a 2" tube (total 10cm long). This was the first fish caught on our new Lower Gaula Beat.

Our Norwegian guest Geir Rivertz lost a very big fish in our Home Pool around midnight after a hard battle during which the fish took 200 meter backing from the reel and broke the leader!

The Gaula in general. On the the early afternoon of the 3 rd June there is a total of 65 salmon caught officially registered. These first 65 fish averaging 9,2 kg / 20.3 lb. The average weight of the 10 largest fish registerred is 14,2 kg / 31,2 lb. The average weight of the 10 largest fish will of course increase with the season progressing.

The water level drops constantly and the river looks more and more promising again. At mid day on the 3 rd . June we measured 1,45 m at the Frøseth gauge (approx. 257 m³/sec at the Gaulfossen gauge. The weather forecast promises good weather for the next days. There is still quite some snow left in the mountains but without rain the impact of the snow melt will be limited. We expect the river to drop further towards perfect levels, with the water temperature increasing to become more favourable for the fly.

During the last 3 days we caught some more fish on our beats. Following the fall of the water level at the Föseth Bridge to 1,15 m several fish were running the Gaulfossen. Donald Mowat, who was fishing the Bridge Pool hooked a very large fish and kept him for 25 minutes in the pool. During this time the fish was jumping close to him and Donald estimated the fish to be around the 40 lb. mark. Unfortunately did the fish decide to leave the pool. Donald tried to stop him with the result of a bend treble hook.

On the same day aroun 3 pm Fabrice Bergues hooked a monster in our new Lower Gaula Beat. The fish took the fly in the upper part of the pool and moved down streams like a locomotive. Fabrice was forced to follow more than a half kilometre until he came to a part were he waded in to his chest and could not go any further. The salmon took 200 meters line from the reel, but than help came from the beat below. Fabrice entered the offered boat and than the followed the fish quite a way down streams and Fabrice was brought over to the other bank but soon after he had tightened the line and felt the fish moving down streams again, the leader broke unfortunately! This fight lasted for 25 minutes and was recorded on video.

Meanwhile the water temperature has reached the 1o°C mark and fish are getting more lively.

On June the 4th our Norwegian guest Gier Rivertz was able to land a fish of sligthly over 11 lb. in our Lower Gaula beat. As well Rodriguez Elias from Spain was succesful on the 5 th June with a beautiful fish of almost 24 pounds from the same pool. Gier Rivertz caught another medium sized fish of over 10 pounds in the Horse Pool (new Lower Gaula Beat). Johannes Kmieciak lost a good fish on our Bogen Sondre beat.

Rodriguez Elias with his personal record from our new Lower Gaula Beat

Battle with a Gaula Monster

Story by: Donald Mowat

Norway is stunningly beautiful and the Gaula was at its picturesque best - clear river, clear blue skies, bright sunshine and 25 C°. Not ideal conditions to hook a salmon on the Bridge Pool – let alone a Leviathan. Nevertheless, Bridge Pool is one not to be missed so I was happy to fish – if not very expectantly. The first run through the pool with a large Green Highlander brought no offers. I came to the last cast at the end of the pool with the fly on the dangle and started to bring in the shooting line but it was stuck on a rock, so I lifted the rod – the rock moved! At the end of the Bridge pool is the Gauntlet - 500 yards of torrent where you just do not want your fish to go. So I bent into the fish trying to bully it up into the deep hole in the centre of Bridge Pool. Slowly the fish moved towards me, the rod bent double and the 30 lb line singing gently. Then it got angry. Shaking its head and body, it turned across the pool and effortlessly took line off the tight drag. I now knew this was a big fish. I could see the flash of silver each time it turned and shook its body – a whole lot of silver. The fight was not flashy. No long runs – but more like the fight of a serious heavyweight boxer – slow, purposeful and absolutely full of power. Back and forth across the pool – he taking out the line and me trying to pull the fish back out of the current and away from the Gauntlet. After about 15 minutes of toe-to-toe battle, I got the fish within 20 feet and off it went again – nearly pulling the rod out of my hands. Then it jumped clear out of the water about 40 feet from me. This was an enormous fresh salmon. The fish of a lifetime, hooked in the scissors, certainly over 35lbs. and bright silver. Now I really was shaking with excitement. The fish was now halfway up the pool and I was getting more confident as I got below it to walk it up further. What a mistaken confidence. The fish turned downstream again and took off towards the Gauntlet. It was going down and I decided that I could not. More even strain on the rod, it was bent more than double as I tried to stop the run. Now well into the backing, I struggled but to no avail – despite all my knots holding tight the size 6 Kamasan hook could not take the strain any longer. It did not break - it simply straightened after 25 minutes. I may have lost my first fight with a Gaula titan but it will last long in my memory –and I still have 13 days fishing left at NFC.

After Donald Mowat lost a monster salmon in the Bridge Pool h was able to land a nice fish of almost 19 pounds in our new lower Gaula beat (E2).

The following day turned out to be the best day of the season so far, with 11 large salmon caught on the NFC water. The very hot and sunny weather started to change and it became rainy and cloudy and at the same time the temperature decreased. This improved the fishing right away.

Peter Ericsson from Sweden who had arrived the previous evening, caught a 19 pounder at 6:15 in the Junction Pool. In the evening he caught another nice fish of almost 17 ½ pounds.

Ken Sawada was succesfull with a fish of over 17 lb. From the Renna Pool and another one of 21 ½ pounds from our Beat D1. Donald Mowat caught the largest fish of the day, a female of around 26 – 28 pounds, measuring 1,15m. He returned the fish carefully. Swedish author Pelle Klippinge caught today as well two fish weighing over 13 and 17 ½ pounds in Beat D1. Scottish guest Jamie Mc Gregor landed the first fish of this season from our „free for all“ Railway Pool. This weighed in at 22 pounds. After a heavy battle he lost a much larger fish. Patrick O'Dwyer from Irland, fishin the Gaula for the first time caught on his second day a fish of 17.6 lb. In the Renna Pool. This fish was his personal record so far.

As well our guests fishing the Bogen Sondre Beat were succesfull. Jeano Krieg who fishes with us for the first time caught allready on his second day a fish of over 20 pounds in the Upper Pool. The last fish of the day was a splendid fresh fish of almost 21 pounds, caught by frequent NFC guest Chris Vanseer in the Horse Pool of the new Lower Gaula Beat. He caught this fish on a Sunray Shadow. Pelle Klippinge did well catching two fish of 10 lb and just under 17 lb. on his Monkey Tube in our Beat D1.

Chris Vanseerwith a splendid fish of just under 21lb. from the new Horse Pool.

The Scottish party around Jamie Mc Gregor caught on the 13 th June four fish weighing 17 ½ lb., almost 20 lb and two further fish of 15 ½ lb.

On the next day, June 14th, Pelle Klippinge caught his salmon number 6 this week. This fish caught in the Tilseth Pool weighed in at 31.8 pounds and is so far the largest fish on our beats this season. It is as well so far Pelle's best fish from the Gaula. There were some more fish caught in the meantime, we will follow up soon with more reports and some new pictures.

Five days on the Gaula

Story by: Pelle Klippinge

10 th of June and I think I´m in love. A bit in the beautiful Norwegian landscape of course, shimmering in all the greenish colors, but more so in the old Landrover. O K, steering as well as the brakes needs some attention and muscles but who cares – we´re the Team. Sun is shining, it´s +28 Celsius and I have a strange feeling of being on the Canarias for Salmon fishing. Bogen Söndres Upper pool is some fly water. The take comes just below the old hut and after a strong fight with some jumps I can release a 95 cm long and, at least a + 8,5 kilo fish, carrying greetings from the Atlantic – only one but, still, a sea lice. She must have raced like a F1 to these upper parts of Gaula. I lift my cap and my hands have that wonderful fresh smell of Atlantic silver.

11 th of June sees a weatherchange coming. I like to take photos of the valley covered in grey with dark clouds. The Landrover starts on the 4 th attempt and so we are on the move. No hurry here. Air & river is about +12 Celsius and I fish the Railway with a sink-tip and a Highlander. The surface suddenly boils in a powerful take! After a fast run and a few minutes the sharp hook comes out. I place the cast straight away on the hot spot again when the same procedure repeats! Perhaps this take is even stronger. Just hope the hook has done it´s best this time. After 40 minutes the big Salmon (and myself) is tired showing it´s broad side but why does hooks come out in these delicate moments..? It feels so emty and pointless and suddenly everything is so quiet. Jamie McGregor estimates the fish to 14 kilos. I reel in and the Landrover, now starting immidiately, takes me straight to bed. O K, I had all the fun, I know, but landing it would have been a different matter, wouldn´t it? You know - perhaps it was plus 15 kilos…

Rain, cold and strong winds arrives on the 12 th when I fish the famous Bridge pool toghether with Frithiof Dietrich. An 6 kilo fish is landed in the first go and an 8 kilo fish a couple of hours later in Junction pool further down. I keep them – one for “Gravlax” and the other for “Röykelax” – mmmmm..! Both fish takes the Highlander so eagerly and sometimes Salmon fishing is so easy. Can anyone explain?

Did you know that thirteen is a lucky number!? Next day – the 13 th – my legs are cold. Now only +8 Celsius in the water with stronger upstream winds, rain and hail in a strange mixture. I seek shelter in the Landrover when it´s to bad but is lucky enough to land a nice brace of 4,5 & 7,6 in lower Langöy. What a perfect fly pool this is! At the same time I can se that the “Scottish” are quite busy down at the Renna pool. No doubt - it´s definetely magic moment & taking time going on here. Perhaps that´s why I don´t feel the cold anymore.

In the evening the Landrover and I take a quick stop at the Tilseth pool on my way to visit Ingunn and Steffen at Rogstadsmoen. In the “last cast”, at the end of the pool when hearing an owl, the rod bends more and more and…

I feel it´s a heavy one but, short of time, plays it the hard way. When I beach it after 20 minutes some people on the beat below applauds and I´m the happiest fisherman in Norway. It´s a huge cock measuring 115 cm and 14,4 kilos easily filling most of the backspace in the old Landrover. On the 14 th , my last day, I fish the Bridge pool with Manfred to midnight. It´s a bit cold again and nothing happens. Between our casts over this nice pool we sum up our lives in a way. You know, childhood, family, future, good with bad, and have a few laughs together. Time, like Salmon are running fast and we agree; few things in life could be better than fishing for these big wild Norwegian fish.

Carpe Diem
Pelle Klippinge
Author from Sweden living next to River Em

Conditions continue to be suitable. A number of good fish were caught on our water during these days. Our guide Marcus Thomasson from Sweden demonstrated some underhand casting tecniques to his guests on the New Pool and was interrupted by a nice salmon who scaled later just under 23 ½ pounds /10,6kg

Marcus plays a fish that wanted to participate in his casting lessons

English film maker Patrick Morris filmed in the night of June 16 a lovely sequence with a large beaver who was acting impressive in a slack water bay at Tilseth. He had his rod with him and was able to catch a nice fish of slightly over 20 pounds (9,1 kg) in the Tilseth Pool, very close to the place were the beaver was filmed.

Mary Ann and Ken Sawada were succesful again and caught two fish of 17 ½ lb / 7,9 kg and one of just under 9 lb. The Scotish party around Jamie McGregor landed a total of 7 fish between 11 lb. and 23 lb./ 10,4 kg) during their week. Quite a number of fish were lost during the fight. As well Bart Bondermarker and Arnt Henning Brunborg were able to catch their salmon. In week 24 we caught a total of 34 salmon with a average weight of over 17 pounds on the NFC water.

Week 25:

started good with a fish of 18 pounds (8,2 kg) from the Junction Pool, caught by Franz Hochecker

Arve Nielsen had a great day (18 th June) catching two nice fish within one hour on his first fishing day this year on the Gaula on the Langoy Pool. He was able to hook three fish with three casts! The first fish was lost after a short fight. The second cast produced a fish of just under 19 pounds and when he wanted to continue after landing the first fish he had the next take. The fish was well hooked and was landed after a long and hard fight. Itv turned out to be Arve's personal best and scaled 33 .3 lb / 15,1kg. All fish took in the upper part of the pool.

As well our Irish guests fishing with Patrick Cleere on our Bogen Sondre Beat did well and landed this salmon (just under 27 pounds) on our Bogen Söndre Beat despite the rod broke twice during the fight!

Some very large fish were lost. Our Norwegian guest Geir Rivertz hooked a fish in the “free for all section” Storöya Pool on top of our new Lower Gaula Beat. He played the fish for 1 hour and thirty minutes, beached the fish and than the fly came out and the fish escaped in the last minute! Geir said he had great fun and estimated the fish of over 40 pounds!

The overall weather conditions during the second half of June continued quite well. The water level of 50 cm, measured at the Fröseth Bridge, met the conditions of a normal summer level with temperatures around 13 degrees, which assured runs of fresh salmons from the sea into the system. However, at the 31 st of Mai a heavy flood caused a collapse of a clay ridge in the lower reaches of the Gaula, just a few kilometres below the Gaulfoss. During the early part of the season with still a high volume of water this seemed not to have much effect. After a while, when the river became lower it spilled out quite some clay which coloured the lower river. According to most experts this did not effect the fishing much, some even said it is better to have some colour in the water instead of the crystal clear water we often have and which often seem not to be ideal for fishing. However, all Beats below the point were the river bed was affected had to live with a changing clarity of water during all the following weeks, despite that the organisation of river owners initiated a repair of the area in question by putting out 2,500 m³ stones over the affected area.

It is not very likely that this affected the salmon run into the Gaula significantly, as catch figures of large and medium sized fish on the Gaula were about double as high as in the other most important rivers that drain into the Trondheim Fjord and which all benefit from the buy out of the bag nets.

Nice and fresh salmon were caught on all of our beats. Our Japanese guest Yoshi Fujiwara caught this clean fish of 22 pounds (10,0 kg) and a length of exactly 1 m in our Long Pool.

Yoshi Fujiwara's fish from the Long Pool

Regular guest Yoshi Fujiwara had reason to smile again

The following days, our fishers caught a number of very nice fish on our Beats. Regular NFC rod Johannes Kahrs from Berlin did well and caught a total of 8 larger salmon during this stay of which he returned most. As well Franz Hochecker from Austria , landed three fish (two over 18 pounds / 8,2 kg), one from the Junction Pool and two from our new Lower Gaula Beat E2.

Norwegian angler Yngve Landro was able to hook, and land, a nice 24-pounder (10,9 kg) in our Tilseth Pool in Støren and another one of 17 ½ lb (8,0 kg). on the following day in our Home Pool.

The new week started off well for our American guests father and son Jim and James Fowler. Already at the first evening, James Fowler jr. was able to land a nice fish after a very exciting fight. During the fight, the reel feet of the high quality reel broke and the reel bounced around on the gravel until “it was caught”. The helping hand of Chris Henshaw, was therefore much appreciated. They were able to land the fish of just under 18 pounds (8,1 kg) in the Long Pool.

During the progressing week, several fishermen were able to land some excellent salmon. One of them, Paolo Miurin , caught his personal Atlantic-salmon record fish of 22 pounds (10,0 kg) in the Tilseth Pool. Richard Stevenson was able to land first a sea trout and caught thereafter a nice salmon of almost 24 pounds (10,75kg) in our Old Bridge Pool (one of our “free for all” pools). He had a 15 pounder (6,7 kg) two days later from our D1 Beat. In the end of the week, Toby Gray, who just had returned from college in Australia to fish again with his father Tim on the Gaula, was able to land his personal record salmon, a very nice fish weighing just under 16 pounds (7,1 kg) from our Upper Pool on his last day!

Also our Norwegian guest Geir Rivertz who had lost earlier on in the season a fish of approx. 45 pounds after a fight of 1 hour and 30 minutes on our lower water returned and fished again with us. He caught five nice salmon of up to 23 pounds (10,1 kg) during his week, he released most of them carefully. Our regular guest Roberto Grazzini from Italy managed to catch his personal record: a strong Atlantic salmon male measuring 110 cm and a weight of just under 31 pounds (14,0 kg) in the Long Pool.

Irish angler Owen Kirk, a member of the Patrick Cleere Party caught a nice fish of slightly over 25 pounds (11,4 kg) in Langöy Pool. There were a number of nice fish around the 20 pound mark caught. On of the successful anglers was Peter Nilsson from Sweden who caught a beautiful 21 pounder (9,5 kg) on a small Jennie tube in our Long Pool. Chilenian artist Sebastian Letelier landed a nice fresh fish in our Home Pool.

The newly arrived film maker and producer Alain Morizot from France stayed two weeks in mid July to produce the eight movie of his collection of fishing movies Destination Mouche.

Alain and his crew, Fabrice Bergues and Francois Parbaud, enjoyed good fishing and were able to record the catch and release of 12 salmon between 5 and 10 kg in only two weeks. Asides many superb sequencies they captured the catch and release of a 15 pounder by Manfred Raguse with the fish getting filmed under water standing on different places during his recovery period for about 5 minutes after it was released

Even though the fishing conditions were excellent, the world wide phenomenon of Atlantic salmon shortage, was also noticed on our Beats on the Gaula. The fishing on all rivers in the area was slow, less fish than usual were seen an caught and the fish were running late. However, we were still able to land a lot of fantastic salmon, not to speak about all the monsters lost during this season on our water.

During the following weeks the fishing continued more or less as the whole season was before, some good fishing days, where salmon have been caught, but also many days where the fishing was not really good. We experienced serious low water periods as a result of the driest June since 100 years and the hottest first half of July since 69 years. Always when we got a bit of rain and had a rise of water the fishing improved for some days and slowed down after a few days.

Week 33:

Our German fly fishing course in week 33 with Andre Scholz was also successful. Two of three participants managed to catch their first salmon.

Andre Scholz plays a nice fish...

and is here landing the fish.

Andre released this fish carefully.

Now the last week of the season begins, and we look forward to the rain which is just falling . The river had risen to 1m at the Fröseth gauge and 159 m³/sec. at the Gaulfossen gauge, the first five fish are already caught, incl. a fresh grilse by Joachim Ruthmann, and a cock fish of 89 cm and a female of 91 cm, both caught and released by Manfred Raguse. We certainly have reason to hope for a good final week of the season 2007 on the Gaula.

More pictures and a season report will follow after the season.

Richard Stevenson with a nice fish of just under 24 pounds / 10,8 kg, caught in June.

A perfect fish….

Arve Nielsen with a fantastic cock fish caught in June 2007

Per Heikkilä releases a 20 pounder caught by Steve Darr in our Long Pool

Thomas Berggren with a nice fish from the Kroksvinge Pool on our Upper Gaula Beat

Niclas Jensen releases a fresh fish on our Upper Gaula Beat

Grant Foreman with the first salmon of the 2007 season. The fish weighed 16 ½ pounds and was caught on a Black and Orange Tube, in the Lower Lang ø y Pool

Good to see the familiar picture again: Ken Sawada plays a salmon on the Gaula

Ken Sawada on the first day of the new season with the second fish caught on the NFC beats on the Gaula. It weighed 15 ½ lb.

Ken Sawada with his 2nd salmon in season 2007, caught on our new water on the Lower Gaula.

With spcecial permission: A glimpse into Ken Sawadas Fly selection for the early June fishing on our water

Rodriguez Elias playing a good fish in our new Lower Gaula Beat

Not finished yet


Rodriguez Elias with his personal record from our new Lower Gaula Beat

Bruno Berthot playing a salmon of 10,1 kg in our new Lower Gaula Beat.

Donald Mowat with a good fish of almost 19 lb. caught in the Horse Pool ( Lower Gaula ).

A good fly: Phatakorva Tube

Bernd Neumann started week 24 with a good fish of 25 ½ lb. (11,6 kg).

Leo Padrutt with a fish of 15 ½ pounds.

Peter Ericsson with a salmon of almost 19 pounds caught in the Junction Pool

Peter Ericson playing fish number two in our Beat D1

Simon Kitcher is landing Peter Ericsons Fisch

Patrick O'Dwyer with his new personal record fish.

Chris Vanseerwith a splendid fish of just under 21lb. from the new Horse Pool.

Check out our Gallery for more pictures.

Marcus plays a fish that wanted to participate in his casting lessons

Shortly before landing

Marcus Thomasson with the 10,6 kg salmon from the New Pool

Patrick Morris with his 20 lb / 9,1 kg salmon, caught in the Tilseth Pool

Franz Hochecker with a 18 pounder from the Junction Pool.

Arve Nielsen with his first fish this season – a 19 pounder.

Arve Nielsen plays the big cock fish

The salmon puts up a hard fight and will not give in

Endre Nordang is landing the fish after a strong battle

One of our Irish guest fishing our Bogen Sondre Beat caught this beauty weighing just under 27 pounds (12,2 kg).

Yoshi Fujiwara's fish from the Long Pool

Regular guest Yoshi Fujiwara had reason to smile again

Yngve Landrö and his 24 pounder from the Tilseth Pool

Chris Henshaw holding James Fowler's fish from the Long Pool.

Toby Gray and his so far best salmon.

Roberto Grazzini and his 31 pounder from the Long Pool

A fresh run 21 pound salmon caught by Peter Nilsson from our Long Pool.

The famous American author, Hoagy Carmichael, fishes our Tilseth Pool

Alain Morizot is filming Alexander Raguse fishing the Lower Langoy Pool

Manfred Raguse shortly before releasing a salmon into the Langoy Pool

The Chilenian artist Sebastian Letelier with a nice fish July salmon from the Home Pool

Bruce Lindley is playing a fish in our beat C2- Tilseth Pool

Bruce Lindley with one of his fish from the Tilseth Pool – he released most!

Releasing another fish…

Peter Hansen with a fish weighing 16 ½ lb (7,5 kg) caught on Langoy Pool in week 32

Andre Scholz and Ralf Peter with Ralf's first salmon caught on our Bogen Sondre Beat

Ralf Peter with his second fish during the course, this time from our Upper Gaula Beat.

Also Thomas Koehle caught his first salmon ever, during the course in week 33 on our Upper Gaula Beat

Andre Scholz shows the Underhand Cast…

Andre Scholz plays a nice fish...

and is here landing the fish.

Andre released this fish carefully.