Good conditions on the Gaula and the first fish were caught on the NFC beats above the Gaulfossen 15.06.2021
The conditions on the Gaula have been ideal in the last few days. The water temperature was between 9 and 13 degrees Celsius at the Eggafossen and the water level at the Gaulfossen is currently 109 m³ / second. This means that the salmon have been able to pass the Gaulfossen without any problems for a few days, and so it was only a matter of time before the first salmon have been caught on the NFC beats above the Gaulfossen.

Alastair Dunbar with his first salmon of the 2021 season from the NFC beats

Alastair Dunbar caught his first salmon of the season on June 2nd. on beat E1. His fish was 77 cm long and weighed approx. 4.7 kg (10,3 lb). Alastair carefully released this fish after a quick photo.

Sven Fugger landed the next fish, also on Beat E1.... read more...

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Cuba is waiting for you 09.06.2021

How lovely will it be to travel again?? Where will you go first? Cuba is calling and fishing is amazing! Come visit Cuba this summer to experience the most pristine and protected marine parks in the Caribbean.

The guests this Spring have been rewarded with unparalleled numbers of tarpon, permit and bonefish; while enjoying the solitude of endless untouched flats. All arrival and departure protocols have been adhered to and the process has been very smooth. Cuba is actively in the process of rolling out their highly effective vaccine and the staff will be fully vaccinated to ease your concerns of traveling during the ongoing pandemic. Additionally, the majority of t... read more...

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Successful season start on the Gaula and the first fish from the NFC beats 02.06.2021
After the conditions at the start of the season last year were anything but perfect, the Gaula showed itself at its best this year. At midnight it was 263 m³ / second at the Gaulfossen. The watercolor was also ideal. During the day the water level even dropped to 215 m³ / second at Gaulfossen and so it was only a matter of time before the first fish could be landed on the NFC beats.

Eirik Fjelldal with the first salmon from the NFC beats in 2021.

It was Eirik Fjelldal who got a good pull in E1 and, after an exciting fight, landed the first salmon on the NFC beats. His fish was 84 cm long and Eirik estimated the weight to be about 6 kg/13 1/2lb. After a quick photo, he released the fish carefully.
The first day on the Gaula was also in ... read more...

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Just one week until the season start on the Gaula 26.05.2021
Unfortunately, there is still no way for tourists to enter Norway. The regulations have been changed slightly, but travel for “touristic reasons” is still not possible. Norway has decided to continue this regulation probably until July 1st. Only people from Greenland, Iceland, the Faroe Islands and certain areas in Finland can get into the country from May 27th. for “touristic reasons”.

Big and silver, everyone is dreaming about such a fish for the start week.

However, nothing has been said about early entry with full vaccination, there could be earlier options here. The same applies to entering Norway if the incidence in your home country is below 25 per 100,000 within 14 days. If this number is reached, entry is also possible without any proble... read more...

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