Norway is opening the borders for tourists and still good fishing on the Gaula From 31.07.2020 18.08.2020
Finally, Norway has opened the borders for tourists from many EU countries, including Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Belgium and the Netherlands, from July 15, 2020. In addition, the almost tropical temperatures in Norway have now been gone for about 14 days and the river offers excellent conditions for fly fishing.

Eirik with a real Gaula Monster of 119,5 cm from Beat B2.

Due to constant rain showers and rather low temperatures, the water level is currently around 100 m per second in Gaulfossen and is dropping very slowly. There are more rain showers in the forecast for the coming days. The water temperature is not too high either, it is currently between 10 and 13 degrees.

The relatively promising conditions have also led to some very good catches in the last few days. In the first weeks of the season the larger fish, weighing far more than 10 kg, have been missing, it seems they have now finally found their way into the river. In the past few days, some impressive fish have been caught on the NFC Beats, including a female salmon of 119.5 cm and approx. 17 kg from Beat B2.

Mortan Carlsen, who just flew home for a week to the Faroe Islands, caught again some nice fish, including a salmon of 111 cm and approx. 13.5 kg on Beat BS1.

Mortan with his salmon of 111 cm from Beat BS1.

There was also a beautiful salmon of 112 cm and approx. 14 kg landed at the Bua Bridge Pool. In addition to some large fish, many fish between 6 and 10 kg were caught, but also some grilse were among the catches.

Thomas Kroman with his father Claus and a nice salmon of approx. 8.5 kg almost 19 lb from Beat A1.

As you can see, fishing on the Gaula is good at the moment and the weather forecast indicates that the coming days should also be very promising. There are still a few rods vacant in the next few weeks until the end of the season on August 31st. So if you want to fish on the Gaula this year, you should contact us now to secure your rod.

Please contact us as soon as possible via email or phone 0049-172-4266036.


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