Good run on the Gaula with big numbers of grilse From 31.07.2020 18.08.2020
A lot has happened on the Gaula since our last update. The weather conditions are excellent for fishing. The lowest water level so far was 50 m3 / second (Gaulfossen) and frequent rain showers have caused the Gaula to rise again and again. In the last week the river rose to 306 m3 / second on the Gaulfossen.

Manfred Raguse with a salmon of 101 cm weighing approx. 10 kg/ 22 lb from Beat A1.

The weather forecast for the coming days is also very promising. The temperatures are usually between 14 and 22 degrees. Also one or the other rain shower will ensure that the river will maintain a very good water level. There is no indication of low water like in previous years at the moment!

At the moment there are mostly grilse which are caught by the guests on the NFC Beats. But there are always a few big fish. Manfred Raguse landed a good salmon of 101 cm and approx. 10 kg/ 22 lb in Beat A1. After a quick photo, he released the fish carefully.

Thies also landed a beautiful salmon of 103 cm and approx. 11.5 kg/ 25 ½ lb on Beat B2. He also released his fish carefully after taking a quick picture.

Thies caught this beautiful salmon of 103 cm on Beat B2.

This fish is another sign that the Beat B2 developed significantly positively due to the long and powerful flood in May / June 2020. In the Beat B2 (Renna) some Grilse and medium-sized salmon have been caught in the last few days.

The Beat C2 also developed positively in it’s upper part due to the flood. Kim Kjetil Groesland managed to land here a beautiful salmon of 92 cm and approx. 7 kg/ 15 ½ lb. Kim carefully released his fish after taking a quick photo.

Kim-Kjetil Grøsland with his salmon of approx. 7 kg /15 ½ lb from Beat C2.

Manfred Raguse proved that the Grilse run has improved this year. He landed 5 grilse between 57 and 68 cm (about 1.8 to 3.3 kg) in one day. Manfred landed one fish in Beat C2, the other 4 in Beat A1. He carefully released all of them.

Manfred Raguse with one of his 4 Grilse from Beat A1.

Daniel Stephan also landed some nice fish. In one day he first caught a nice salmon of 97 cm and approx. 9 kg / almost 20 lb on Beat C1. In the evening he landed two grilse of 1.0 kg and 1.8 kg on the new Bua Beat.

Daniel with his salmon of 97 cm from Beat C1

Shortly after his arrival Jeff Leopold was able to land a nice salmon of 92 cm and approx. 7 kg/ 15 ½ lb on Beat C2. Jeff carefully released his fish after a quick photo.

Jeff Leopold with his salmon of 92 cm from Beat C2.

Since Norway opened the borders to many European countries on July 15, more guests from abroad are now coming to the Gaula. Among others, Juan Salgado came up and had good fishing on the NFC Beats. In addition to a few grilse, he also landed this fresh 80 cm salmon on Beat BS1. He released his fish after taking a quick picture.

Juan Salgado with his fresh salmon of 80 cm from Beat BS1.

Rene Didßun also had a successful week and landed 9 fish, including a salmon of 90 cm and approx. 7 kg / 15 ½ lb from Beat A1. In addition, Rene caught a salmon of 72 cm and approx. 4.0 kg/ almost 9 lb and a grilse of 61 cm and approx. 2.1 kg on the new Bua Beat. Rene released all of his fish carefully.

This is just a brief summary of the catches since our last update. Many more grilse were caught in all beats, which we do not want to list individually here.

The total catch at the Gaula is currently 24,995 kg among 5216 fish. The three largest fish landed on the Gaula weighed 23.0 kg / 50 ¾ lb, 21.2 kg/ 46 ½ lb and 21.0 kg/ 46 ¼ lb. The 10 largest salmon are all over 17 kg/ 37 ½ lb. A very impressive result. With the given circumstances, it is most likely that the Gaula will experience the best season since some years.

The conditions for August are looking promising, because the water level is almost perfect and even a good weather period with high temperatures is not in sight at the moment. This is your chance in the coming weeks to get to know the exclusive fishing on the NFC beats for a relatively small amount of money and in first class conditions.

Prices including accommodation: Week 32 = € 1.348, week 33 = € 1.301, week 34 = € 1.208 and week 35 (8 nights) = € 1.348. These prices are converted as of July 31, 2020.
There are still a few rods vacant in the next few weeks until the end of the season on August 31. So if you want to fish at the Gaula this year, you should contact us now to secure your rod.

If you are interested in coming to the Gaula this season, please contact us as soon as possible via email phone: 0049-172-4266036.


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