A difficult end of the season finalizing an overall good season on the Gaula 22.10.2020
Now the 2020 season on the Gaula is already over. It was an unfamiliar situation for all of us, because of the extremely strict travel restrictions of the Norwegian government. A normal season, as we know it, was simply not possible. Even when the Norwegian government re-opened the borders for many EU countries on July 15, they gradually closed the borders again, so that nobody could really plan their vacation.

Eirik Fjelldal with the biggest salmon (119,5 cm und 17 kg (37.4 lb)) from the NFC Beats.

The NFC Lodge was closed all season and the guests were accommodated in country houses. Due to the significantly increased amount of snow and the late spring flood, fishing was practically impossible in the first week of the season and in the second week it was anything but easy. In addition to the very high-water level, the colored water in the lower Gaula made fishing difficult.
When the fish were finally able to pass the Gaulfossen in the last week of June, the guests on the NFC Beats experienced first-class fishing. Even if the really big fish were not around yet, there were many salmon between 95 and 98 cm. Then more and more medium-sized salmon and the first grilse were running the Gaula, which caused further action among the fishermen. Fishing with the riffling-hitch technique and dry fly have been very interesting.

Fishing in August turned out to be even more difficult. There were not that many fresh fish entering the river and the old fish did not seem to really move either. But even now, with a little effort, you could experience some good fishing. It was just a matter of staying motivated and spending as much time as possible on the water. It was less about fishing continuously, but more about watching the fish and waiting for the right moment for a few effective casts.

The fishing was relatively good in the first week of August. Martin Sunde caught 4 beautiful fish in one day. First, he landed two salmon of 98 cm and 95 cm on Beat BS1. Then he fished the Beat A1 and landed another fish of 67 cm. In the evening Martin decided to return to the Beat BS1 again, which quickly turned out to be the right decision, because he was able to land another 76 cm salmon.

One of four fish Martin was able to land, this one was caught on the Beat BS1.

Lauri Aho and Sami Markus from Finland were also successful. Lauri landed a grilse of approx. 2.3 kg (5 lb) on Beat B2 and Sami caught a grilse of 2.5 kg (5,5 lb) on Beat B1. Both fish were carefully released. Thies also landed another salmon of approx. 3 kg (6,6 lb) on Beat A1, which he also released carefully. Daniel Stephan, Markus Hietala and Sami Markus each caught a grilse on Beats A1, B1 and B2. Sami Markus caught the next big fish on Beat A1. His fish was 95 cm long and weighed approx. 9 kg (19,5 lb). Sami released his fish carefully after taking a quick picture.

Sami Markus with his beautiful salmon of 95 cm from Beat A1.

Shortly after Sami released this beautiful fish, he caught another salmon of approx. 3.5 kg (7,7 lb), which he also released carefully. Lauri Aho was also able to land a beautiful fish of 96 cm and approx. 9 kg (19,8 lb) on Beat B1. He also released his fish carefully.

Lauri with his fish of 96 cm and approx. 9 kg (19,8 lb) from Beat B1.

Thies also caught two more fish. First, he landed a salmon of 83 cm and approx. 5.5 kg (12,1 lb) on beat A2 and the next morning he landed a salmon of 78 cm and approx. 4.7 (10,3 lb) kg on beat C2. Thies also released both fish carefully.

A beautiful salmon of 83 cm and approx. 5,5 kg (12,1 lb), which Thies landed on Beat A2.

Manfred Raguse also caught two more fish on Beat C2. First he landed a salmon of 66 cm and 2.8 kg (6,1 lb) and a short time later a second salmon of 89 cm and approx. 7.0 kg (15 lb). Manfred carefully put back both fish.

Manfred Raguse with another salmon of 89 cm and approx. 7 kg (15 lb) from Beat C2.

Henrik Mortensen also started successful into his week. He landed two fish with a dry fly on Beat C2. His first fish was 63 cm and weighed approx. 2 kg (4,4 lb), the second fish was a nice fish of 100 cm and approx. 10 kg (22 lb) what an amazing fish on a dry fly!

A very nice fish of 100 cm that Henrik was able to land with a single-handed rod and a dry fly on Beat C2.

Peter Gran also caught a nice salmon of 82 cm and approx. 5.5 kg (12,1 lb) on Beat C2. This fish also took a fly from the surface, but this time it was a Riffling Hitch, not a dry fly.

Peter Gran with his salmon of approx. 5.5 kg (12,1 lb), which he could catch with the riffling hitch technique on Beat C2. Trevor Malloch landed two grilse in the same session.

Trevor with one of his two grilse from Beat C2.

Henrik Mortensen and his wife Mette were also successful on Beat C2. Henrik first landed a salmon of 67 cm and approx. 3 kg (6,6 lb) and his wife Mette landed a salmon of 74 cm and approx. 4 kg (8,8 lb). Both fish were carefully released.

Mette with her salmon of 74 cm from Beat C2.

The next fish was caught again by Henrik Mortensen. He fished the Beat C2 with a dry fly and a single-handed rod when a large fish came from the bottom and took his dry fly. After an exciting fight Henrik was able to land an exceptional fish of 115 cm and approx. 16 kg (35,2 lb). After a quick photo, Henrik released the big female carefully.

Henrik with his exceptional fish of approx. 16 kg (35,2 lb), which he was able to land on Beat C2.

Peter Gran also landed two more fish. This time it was a fish of 64 cm on Beat C2 and a grilse of 61 cm on Beat BS1. He released both fish carefully. Henrik Mortensen landed two more fish of 61 and 67 cm on Beat BS2, which he both released carefully. His wife Mette was also successful again and landed a grilse of 65 cm and approx. 2.5 kg (5,5 lb) on Beat C2. She also released her fish carefully.

Mette with her Grilse, which she landed on Beat C2.

Thies was also able to land some nice fish in the meantime. Including a salmon of 80 cm and approx. 5.0 kg (11,0 lb), which he was able to catch on Beat B2 with the single handed rod and the Riffling Hitch technique.

A beautiful fish, which Thies managed to land on a single handed rod on Beat B2.

Jonah Finkelstein also visited the NFC Beats on the Gaula again this year and caught two Grilse measuring 54 cm and 64 cm. He landed both fish on Beat E2 and released them carefully.

Tobias Cordes landed his first Gaula salmon on Beat E2. After he had a few bites during the week, a 59 cm and approx. 2.0 kg (4,4 lb) grilse got finally hooked. Tobias released his fish carefully.

Rene Didun used the higher water level and landed a beautiful male salmon of 97 cm and approx. 9 kg (19,8 lb) on Beat BS2. Rene also released this fish carefully.

Renes fish of 97 cm already wore beautiful autumn colors.

Sven Oliver Spethmann also landed a nice salmon of 75 cm and approx. 4 kg (8,8 lb) on Beat E2. His fish was still pretty silver. Sven Oliver released his salmon carefully after taking a few pictures.

Sven Oliver with his salmon of approx. 4 kg (8,8 lb) from Beat E2.

After his grilse from Beat E2, it was now a really good fish Tobias Cordes landed on Beat E1A. His fish was 100 cm long and weighed approx. 10 kg (22 lb). Tobias also released this fish carefully after taking a quick picture.

A successful end for Tobi. Catching a fish weighing 10 kg (22 lb) on your first salmon holiday does not happen to everyone.

Thies Also managed to land two more Grilse on Beat A1.

Henrik Mortensen caught the last fish of the season in the Bua with a dry fly. Even if it was "only" a grilse, these catches give hope for an exciting dry fly fishery in the Bua next year.

A Grilse took Henriks dry fly in one of the many smaller pockets in the Bua river.

As these catches show, despite difficult conditions, August can be quite successful on the Gaula. You can book a week of fishing in August in the exclusive rotation Beats from 1.240 through the International Flyfishers Club!

During season 2020 a total of 6.692 salmon with a total weight of 29.952,16 kg/ 60,518 lb were landed on the Gaula.

Of the 6.692 salmon caught, 1.571 were over 7 kg (15 lb), 2.006 were between 3 and 7 kg (between 6,6 lb and 15 lb) and 3.115 weighed less than 3 kg (6,6 lb). The proportion of grilse was particularly high this year, which gives hope for a good run of medium-sized salmon in the coming year. The three largest salmon of the season all weighed over 20 kg (44 lb) (23.0 kg (almost 51 lb), 21.2 kg (46,7 lb), and 21.0 kg (46,3 lb)). The average weight of the 10 largest salmon caught on the Gaula is an impressive 18.97 kg (41,8 lb)! On the entire river, 67% of the salmon caught were released.

We are looking forward to the 2021 season, which will hopefully be "normal" again. If you are interested in fishing the Gaula then you should be fast. Since most of the guests were rebooked from the 2020 season to the 2021 season, many prime-time weeks are almost fully booked now. If you are interested, you should contact us as soon as possible at E-Mail or +49-172-4266036.


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