Beat Overview
Our Fishery - NFC Beats
The following is a brief outline of our fisheries:

NFC ROTATION BEATS: Our main fishery is the group of rotating beats between Kvål, Storen and Rognes. It is an exclusive fishery where pairs of fishers move through a large number of excellent and varied pools in rotation. In this way you ensure maximum chances during your stay. This is the best option for the first-time visitor.

THE BOGEN SØNDRE BEAT is a very attractive and comfortable private beat for a group of four to six rods. It is a combination of exclusive water with country house accommodation right on the river bank.

THE "UPPER GAULA BEAT" is a bit higher up in the river and also very exiting fly-water, but at a lower price. Here it is a clear advantage to have some more salmon fishing experience and to be able to Spey cast or do the Underhand cast.

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